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-40℃ low temperature battery 11.1V 6.0Ah fro military science electromagnetism frequency spectrograph

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Model #:17AQ022-01
Battery Cell:18650/11.1V/6.0Ah
Battery specification:18650/3S3P/11.1V/6.0Ah
Nominal voltage:11.1V
Nominal capacity:6.0Ah
Charge voltage:12.6V
Charge current:≤3A
Discharge current:3A
Peak Current:4A
Cutoff voltage:7.5V
Internal resistance:≤150mΩ
Charge temperature:0~45℃
Discharge temperature:-40~60 ℃
Storage temperature:-20~20 ℃
Temperature protection:/
Battery shell:Fireproof PC
Protective function:Short circuit protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection.
Application:Military electromagnetism frequency spectrograph

Product feature
 Quakeproof and waterproof:Thought quakeproof structure inside of fireproof PC shell to meet requirement of super safe and reliable;
 Low temperature working:Adopt low temperature cell for military products class to prove it can be worked under the -40℃.
 Reliable connection:Adopt gold plating to pair gold finger connector, shortcut, safety and reliable;
 Battery pack safety、with temperature probe,it can transfer temperature information to host computer;
 Battery pack I2C communication,it can transfer voltage, current, capability and other parametric of battery to host computer;
 Long circle life,match idea of low carbon、energy conservation、value of environmental protection;