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12V 800mAh AAA Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

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12VAAA Ni MH battery pack parameters:
Cell model: Ni-MH AAA 800mah 1.2V
Rated capacity: 800mAh
Rated voltage: 12.0V
Cut-off voltage: 10.0V
Max discharge current: 800mA (1C)
Internal resistance: ?500m?
Shape size: L44.0xW33.5xH46.5mm
Lead model: UL1007/24# white/black/red NTC connector
Product package: fruit green PVC shrink
Inkjet printing: specification model and LARGE logo
Cycle life: IEC standard ?500 times
(standard charge time 14-16h at 80mA, fast  2.2h at 400mA)

12V/800mAh AAA Ni MH battery with little memory effect, without environmental pollution, long cycle life, could normal use for 2 years, add NTC and PTC protection component in the interior, protect over heat or current damage for Ni MH battery pack, safety use and reliable.
A. Storage environment, IEC standard regulars AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery should storage under condition of temperature 20±5?, humidity ?65±20?%. b. Battery with electricity volume leave factory, 12V AAA Ni-MH battery with 30-50% electricity volume, if with low electricity volume could let customer can not use, or if too high, it will have hidden danger, maybe will explosion etc.