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14.8V 2200mAh Lithium Battery Pack Solution for Intelligent Sweeping Machine

Intelligent sweeping machine battery
(Keywords: sweeping machine battery, intelligent sweeping machine) with the development of the economy,people for the requirment of material and spiritual is higher than before, more and more intelligent equipments come into the people’s family. The sweeping robot is also called the Lazy Man sweeping machine, which is a kind of intelligent family appliances for automatic dust-absorbing from the ground.Because it can detect the size of the room, furniture placement, ground cleanliness and other factors, and rely on built-in procedures to make reasonable cleaning routes with certain intelligence, so it is called robots. With the intelligent sweeping robot into millions of familes, people to sweep the floor of the robot battery requirements also gradually increased, the focus is energy-saving environmental protection, long endurance life, safety and stable, applicable to the ambient temperature in each region.

Applicable environment Applicable occasion Indoor
Working temperature/humidity -2060; 4060%RH
Storage temperature/humidity -2020; 5070%RH
Special performances Requirements of charge and discharge under high/low temperature 045 charge; -2060 discharge
Other requirements Shelf life 1year
Explosion-proof grade /
Water-proof grade /
Dust-proof  grade /
 Number of drop test /
Electrical characteristics Work voltage range 12~16.8V
Capacity 2200mAh
work time /
Dimension 72*38*38mm
Work current 2.0A
Max Start-up current 5A start-up time 20ms
Max continous work current 2.5A
Power frequency and time Frequently use
Power management /
Certification of finished product GB31241-2014(CQC), RoHS
Battey solution Battery specification 18650-4S1P-2200mAh-14.8V
Battery cell 18650-2200mAh-3.7V
PCB and components IC S-8254AAV
MOS SL3012S*2
Any other /
Encapsulation mode PVC + basic protection
Specification Nominal Voltage 14.8V
Nominal Capacity 2200mAh
Dimension 72*38*38mm
Internal resistance 330m
Weight 200g
Charge current 2.5A
Continous discharge current 2.5A
Protective current 9~15A
Charge voltage 16.8V
Cut-off voltage 12V
Life Circle Condition of charge and discharge: 0.5Ccharge and discharg,300 times
Charge temperature 0~45℃
Discharge temperature -20~60℃
Storeage temperature -20~60℃
Protective temperature /±/℃
Main Features 1. With overcharge, over discharge, over-current, short-circuit and other functions
2. With NTC temperature test
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