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Battery Solution

14.4V 6200mAh Medical Laptop B-Ultrasonic Smart Lithium Battery Solution


In the past, farmers had to go to the city far away if they want get medical-treatment,how hard and inconvenient they are. Now the portable ultrasound machine realized the function of B-ultrasound in countryside and people can get treatment at home. Portable ultrasound machine benefit both farmers and astronauts,which can be taken into the space as auxiliary medical care for astronaut.

Applicable environment Applicable occasion Indoor+Outdoor
Working temperature/humidity -2060;4080%RH
Storage temperature/humidity -2060;5070%RH
Special performances requirements of charge and discharge under high/low temperature 045 charge-2060 discharge
Shelf life 1 Year
Electrical characteristics Work voltage range 14.416.8V
Capacity 6200mAh
Work time /
Dimension 208*67*21.5mm
Work current 1.24A
Max Start-up current 6A  start time  20ms
Max continous work current 8.4A
Power frequency and time Intermittent use
Power management Communication mode:SMBUS
Certification of finished product GB31241-2014(CQC), RoHS
Battey solution Battery specification 18650/4S2P/6200mAh/14.4V
Battery cell 18650/3100mAh/3.6V
PCB amd components IC BQ29330DBT
Temperature safety switch T6D
Power management chip BQ20z70DBT
Encapsulation mode Plastic case + basic protection
Parameters Nominal Voltage 14.4V
Nominal Capacity 6200mAh
Dimension 208*67*21.5mm
Internal resistance ≤250mΩ
Weight 410g
Charge current 1240mA
Continous discharge current 1.24A
Protective current 5~8.5A
Charge voltage 16.8V
Cut-off voltage 11.0V
Life Circle charge at 0.2C, discharge at 0.2C, life circles300times,before the rest of the electricity60%.
Charge temperature 0~45℃
Discharge temperature -20~60℃
Storeage temperature -20~60℃
Protective temperature charge at 55±3  discharge:60±3
Main Features 1. Support the host read the remaining power
2. Double protection for overcharge and over discharge
Photos of battery pack  Laptop B - Ultrasonic Smart Battery