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18650 25.2V 60Ah smart lithium battery for service robot

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Model #:04EQ029-06
Battery Cell:18650/3.6V/3.35Ah
Battery specification:18650/7S18P/25.2V/60Ah
Nominal voltage:25.2V
Nominal capacity:60Ah
Charge voltage:29.4V
Charge current:≤15A
Discharge current:40A
Peak Current:100A
Cutoff voltage:19.6V
Internal resistance:≤200mΩ
Charge temperature:0~45℃
Discharge temperature:-20~50 ℃
Storage temperature:-20~40 ℃
Temperature protection:65℃±5℃
Battery shell:cold rolling metal plate
Protective function:Short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overcurrent protection ,over temperature protection, etc
Application:Robot AGV RGV

Product feature
 Quakeproof:Thought quakeproof structure inside of cold rolling metal plate to meet requirement of super safe and reliable;
 Large current connector:adopt large current Anderson connector,safe and reliable.
 Battery pack adopt RS485 communication,it can easily read voltage, current, capability and other parametric information;
 Data communication management:adopt software management chip、precise data transmission、precise temperature control,Maximum remove potential safety hazard;
 Battery pack safety with temperature probe,over temperature can be automatic started protection;
 Long circle life,match idea of low carbon、energy conservation、value of environmental protection;