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Battery Solution

3.6V 500mAh WideTemperature Ni-MH Battery Solution for TBOX Vehicle Arithmetic Device

Configuring 4G LTE OBD devices (Vehicle networking standard Terminal T-Box) will be deeply connected to the automotive CANBUS car system, perfect reading door and window lamp speaker rear view mirror control warning back box ultrasonic signal, perfect achieve automatic air-condition, remote automatic seat adjustment, read CAN main system, safety airbag status information and tire pressure information,it makes car has more space. HUD, intelligent audio-visual, high fidelity music, long-distance business video conferencing, etc., it can be developed with people and car-related intelligent applications.
Vehicle Networking Standard Terminal T-Box is a demand-oriented, upgrading automotive 4S Shop Group Industrial economic structure of the emerging product. Through the vehicle-level processing chip, using wireless communication technology to achieve, based on the “automotive level” to the reliability, operating temperature, anti-interference and other stringent requirements, mainly to achieve 4G remote wireless communication, GPS satellite positioning, acceleration sensing and CAN communication function. The realization of vehicle remote monitoring, remote control, security monitoring and alarming, remote diagnosis and other online applications.

Applicable environment Applicable occasion indoor
Working temperature/humidity -2085℃;4080%RH
Storage temperature/humidity -4085℃;5070%RH
Special Performances requirements of charge and discharge under high/low temperature  -2060 charge;  -2085 discharge
Shelf life 1year
Electrical Characteristics Work voltage range 3.04.2V
Capacity 500mAh
Work time /
Dimension 11*33*48mm
Work current 50mA
Max Start-up current 0.8 A  start-up time 20 ms
Max continous work current 1 A
Power frequency and time Intermittent use (when it initiating explosion to use,standby at daily time)
Power management Communication mode  SMBUS   I2C    HDQ 
Certification of  product GB31241-2014(CQC), RoHS
Battery Solution Battery specification NI-MH AAA 500mAh 3.6V
Battery cell NI-MH AAA 500mAh 1.2V
PCB and Components IC /
Any other /
Encapsulation Mode Without circuit protection    
Specification Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Nominal Capacity 500mAh
Dimension 11*33*48mm
Internal resistance 180m
Weight 80g
Charge current 50mA×16hours/250mA×2.4hours
Continous discharge current 1.0A
Protective current 5.2A(260PTC)
Charge voltage 4.5V
Cut-off voltage 3.0V
Life Circle  charge and discharge condition:0.5C  charge 1.0C  discharge ,when remain capacity is 60%,1000 times  to cycle
Charge temperature -2060℃ 
Discharge temperature -2085℃ 
Storeage temperature -4085℃ 
Protective temperature /
Main Features 1, support low temperature-2085 discharge.
2, support low temperature-20 ~ 60
3, supports the wide temperature-40
85 storage.
4, the cycle life reaches more than 1000 times.
Image of battery pack WideTemperature Ni-MH Battery