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3.6V Rechargeable Battery

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Combination way? ICR18650-1S1P
Rated Voltage? 3.6V
Rated capacity? 2200mAh
Constant discharge current? 0.2C(Standard)/1C(Max )
Working temperature? charge: 0~45?/discharge: -20~60?
Product size? MAX 20.5*20.5*66mm
Internal Impedance? ?180m?
Lead model? JST-XH-2P forward UL1007/24#, length: 50mm
Over-Charge detect voltage? 4.275±0.025V
Over-discharge detect voltage? 2.3±0.05V
Current threshold? 1.5~4.5A


As one of 3.7V lithium battery products, 3.6V rechargeable battery is assembled with top-quality 18650 lithium battery cells and special PCM. This battery is free from overcharge, over discharge, over current and short circuit. Product label has listed main parameters and notes to help user protect lithium battery better.

Technical process of early ternary material limited rated voltage 3.6V, thus this battery is also called 3.6V lithium battery. Yet present rated voltage of 3.6V rechargeable battery has reached 3.7V.

Note: 3.6V rechargeable battery possibly refers to Ni-MH battery because voltage of three 1.2V Ni-MH battery cell in series is 3.6V.

Juda electronics is a professional lithium battery manufacturer. This company possesses advanced lithium battery production and R&D equipment, complete lithium safety and environment lab, and a senior lithium battery R&D team. This company could provide various customized 3.6V rechargeable battery to industrial customers. “Develop as demanded, Customize to order” is its business idea.