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3.7V 4300mAh Low Temperature Lipolymer Battery Solution for Rev Explosive Device

Low Temperature Lipolymer Battery Solution
Rev explosive device ( In the past safety accidents happen frequently because the rev explosive device was operated by hand. With the progress of industry, automatic rev explosive device which can blast powder safely and reliably according to requirements of time and sequence was developed, such kind device implemented remote control online, replaced artificial initiation at the scene; significantly reduce safety accidents.

Applicable environment Applicable occasion Outddor
Working temperature/humidity -40~60℃;40~80%RH
Storage temperature/humidity -20~45℃;50~70%RH
Special performances requirements of charge and discharge under high/low temperature 0~45℃ charge;-40~60℃ discharge
other requirements Shelf life 1 year
Explosion-proof grade /
Water-proof grade /
Dust-proof  grade /
 Number of drop test /
Electrical characteristics Work voltage range 3.04.2V
Capacity 4300mAh
work time /
Dimension 12*57*99 mm
Work current 2.15A
Max Start-up current 3.0A  start-up time 20ms
Max continous work current 2.15A
Power frequency and time Intermittent use (can only be used while the exploding , intermittent use, standby other time )
Power management /
Certification of finished product RoHS
Battey solution Battery specification 855085/1S1P/4300mAh/3.7V
Battery cell 855085/4300mAh/3.7V
PCB amd components IC S-8261-G3M
MOS AO8810
Other /
Encapsulation mode Plastic case + basic protection
Specification Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Nominal Capacity 4300mAh
Dimension 12*57*99mm
Internal resistance 180mΩ
Weight 100g
Charge current 860mA
Continous discharge current 4.3A
Protective current 2~5A
Charge voltage 4.2V
Cut-off voltage 3.0V
Life Circle ≥300 times based on the request of ratio of releasing power is more than 80% under the condition of 0.2C charge and discharge
Charge temperature 0~45℃
Discharge temperature -40~60℃
Storeage temperature -20~60℃
Protective temperature /±/℃
Main Features 1. support power under -40℃ temperature
2. high ratio of releasing power under low temperature; (the releasing power at -40℃ / the releasing power at normal temperature) is up to 70~75% under 0.2C discharge ratio
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