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48V 65Ah Lithium Battery Backup for Signal Tower

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Combination way: ICR18650-13S26P
Rated voltage: 48.1V
Rated capacity: 65Ah
Charge current: 0.1C/6500mA(standard), 0.1C/6500mA(Max)
Discharge current: 0.1C/6500mA(standard), 0.5C/32500mA(Max)
Work temperature: charge: 0~45?/discharge: -20~60?
Product size: MAX 327*350*185mm
Internal Impedance: ?100m?
Unit weight: Max 27Kg
Over-Charge detect voltage/each single: 4.22±0.025V
Over-discharge detect voltage: 3.0±0.1V
Battery pack over current threshold(10ms): 70A
Charge balance current: 50±10mA
Charge balance voltage: 4.18±25mV
Battery temperature protection scope(recoverable): -20~60?


48.1V/65Ah backup power battery for signal tower is assembled with Japan original high-safety and uniformity 18650 battery cells. Built-in PCM of battery pack can protect battery from overcharge, over discharge, over heat, over current, short circuit and has charge balance function. Smart special chip can precisely monitor battery information and dynamically display this information through LCD screen.

Product features:

  1. Glass fiber case: damp-proof and resistant to ageing and deterioration.
  2. Plastic bracket special for battery: to fix and separate lithium battery pack and good heat dissipation.
  3. Lithium battery cell: import 2500mAh 18650 battery cell, safe and good uniformity.
  4. PCM protection: overcharge and over discharge protection on single cell; over heat, over current and short circuit protection on battery pack; balance function between single serial battery.
  5. unrecoverable fuse: avoid battery abnormality or battery damage of high current caused by PCB failure.
  6. battery level detection and display system: smart chip precisely monitors battery capacity level and by LCD screen visually displays battery charge& discharge status, e.g. battery current capacity, current voltage, charge current, discharge current, discharge surplus time, RSOC and ASOC.