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Battery Solution

7.4V 5200mAh Backup Battery Solution for Surveying and Mapping Instrument

Surveying and mapping instrument is a portable mobile measuring equipment, with the high speed development of domestic economy and the mass investment of infrastructure construction, surveying and mapping has become an inseparable part of the infrastructure industry. The reserved battery of instrument have to provide stable, safe and reliable continuous power supply due to the application of surveying and mapping instruments is subject to rigorous requirements of different regions and complex environment.

Applicable environment Applicable occasion Outddor
Working temperature/humidity -30~70℃;40~60%RH
Storage temperature/humidity -20~60℃;50~90%RH
Special performances requirements of charge and discharge under high/low temperature 050 charge -30~70 discharge
Shelf life 1year
Electrical characteristics Work voltage range 6.4~8.4V
Capacity 5200mAh
work time 180mins
Dimension 40*40.5*71mm
Work current 1.0A
Max Start-up current 6-8A, starttime10ms
Max continous work current 1.5A
Power frequency and time usefrequently
Power management /
Certification of finished product GB31241-2014(CQC), RoHS
Battey solution Battery specification 18650/2S2P/5200mAh/7.4V
Battery cell Samsung/18650/2600mAh/3.7V
PCB amd components IC S-8252AAH
MOS AO8820
others /
Encapsulation mode Plastic case + special protection
Specification Nominal Voltage 7.4V
Nominal Capacity 5200mAh
Dimension 40*40.5*71mm
Internal resistance ≤150mΩ
Weight 0.30KG
Charge current 2.6A
Continous discharge current 5.2A
Protective current 6-8A
Charge voltage 8.4V
Cut-off voltage 6.0V
Life Circle charge at 0.5C, discharge at 0.5C, 300circles
Charge temperature 0~45℃
Discharge temperature -30~70℃
Storeage temperature -20~30℃ (lessthan6months)
Protective temperature /
Main Features 1. the maintenance rate of capacity is above 60 % at 0.2C under -30 .
2. support normal work at high temperature 70

3. with power suitation display
Images of battery pack 7.4V 5200mAh Backup Battery