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7.4V 7800mAh Multi-functional Power Bank for Outdoor Mobile Lighting

Multi-functional Power Bank for Outdoor Mobile Lighting
Traditional mobile lighting are powered by the utility. As people’s living standards is developing, the mobile and portable electrical equipment become more and more popular. Multi-functional power bank can supply electrical energy at any time and anywhere, which reslove the problem of lacking of power supply and make outdoor mobile lighting more convenient and last longer.

Applicable Environment Applications Indoor+outdoor
Operating Temp./Humidity -2060; 4060%RH
Storage Temp./Humidity -2060; 5070%RH
 Special Features Charge and Discharge Temperature 045 charge; -2060 discharge
Other requirements Shelf life 1 year
Explosion-proof grade /
Waterproof Rate IP65
Dustproof Level IP65
Number of drop  6 times (2 meters high)
Electrical characteristics Capacity 15000mAh/3.7V
5V port No load voltage: 5.00V+/-0.20V,  Load Voltage: 4.75/1.5A
4.5V port CC/CV output, CC/constant current:0.6A, CV/constand voltage:4.5V
8.8V port CC/CV output, CC/constant current:2.0A, CV/constand voltage:8.8V
charge port CC/CV input, CC/constant current:2.6A, CV/constand voltage:8.8V
Dimension 177.86*78*26.5mm
Short circuit protection Yes
Maximum continuous working current 10A
Power frequency and time use frequently
Power Management /
Finished product certification and environmental requirements RoHS
Battery solution Specification 18650/2S3P/7800mAh/7.4V
Battery Cell 18650/2600mAh/3.7V
PCB and hardware configuration IC R5460N212
MOS FD2017
Others /
Encapsulation mode Plastic case + Special protection        
Main parameters Nominal voltage 7.4V
Nominal capacity 7800mAh
Dimension 177.86*78*26.5mm
Internal resistance of cell ≤200mΩ
Weight 0.42KG
Charge current 2.6A
Continuous discharge current 10.0A
Protective current 20.0A
Charge voltage 8.8V
Cut-off voltage 6V
Life time charge and discharge at 0.5C, 300times
Charge temperature 0~45℃
Discharge temperature -20~60℃
Storage temperature -2030 less than 6 months
Protective temperature /± /
Main features 1. Multi-switching output voltage
2. CC/CV output can charge for single/dual lithium battery directly
3. Provide 5V power supply for digital products
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