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AA Alkaline Battery Capacity

Height of AA alkaline battery is 48.0±0.5mm and diameter is 14.1±0.2mm. Its capacity is not fixed and depends on discharge current; 2000mAh is common for small current discharge and declines greatly for large current. Regular discharge capacity of AA alkaline battery with low current is between 1800 and 2200mAh.


Alkaline battery has many models. And capacity is different on different models since their size differs. However, all alkaline batteries have same 1.5V output voltage.


Alkaline batteries, also called alkaline dry battery, alkaline zinc manganese battery and alkaline manganese battery, are the best quality type of zinc manganese battery. They are suitable for large discharge and long time application. They have low internal resistance, so output current is larger than regular manganese batteries; and alkaline battery only contains 0.025% mercury, not necessary to recycle. Alkaline battery is composed of Mno2 cathode, zinc anode and KOH electrolyte. Its characteristic is better than carbon battery, with large capacity. Alkaline battery chemical equation: Zn+2MnO2+2H2O==2MnOOH+Zn(OH)2.


Alkaline battery structure: as opposed to regular battery, it uses electrode structure to increase relative volume with cathode and anode, and uses high conductive KOH liquor instead of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride. Anode zinc changes plate to grainy that increase anode reactive volume, and with high performance electrode manganese powder, its electrical property has improved. In general, capacity and discharge time of alkaline battery is 3-7 times higher than that of the same model regular battery.


Capacity test method of AA alkaline battery capacity: give battery a constant current and voltage charge, then constant current discharge, the electricity volume discharged is the battery capacity, lead acid battery, Ni-MH battery etc. But not for lithium ion battery, that it has cut-off discharge voltage, 2.75v, usual set up 3.0V for cut-off voltage, e.g. 1000mAh lithium ion battery, charge & discharge current 1000mA, discharge from 4.2V to 3.0V, such discharge capacity is the real one.


Alkaline battery application: the advantage of alkaline battery is durable, about 7 times longer than that of regular battery; and recoverable time short, most suitable for camera flashlight, output voltage stable, without leakage, so some advanced electronic gadgets like remote controller, digital camera etc. require that must use alkaline battery.


Alkaline battery market and price: currently there are numerous alkaline battery brands in the market, local price is ?2.5RMB per pc, imported is ?6-7RMB per pc. Although imported battery is much expensive than local production, their technical data is also the same besides pretty package. Currently imported brands include GP, Energizer, Duracell, Sony, Panasonic etc. Local alkaline battery price is less than half of imported battery. Alkaline batteries manufactured by Large Electronics are cheaper and longer lasting than part of import battery.