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About Us

Company Overview

As a senior battery application provider in mainland China,Dongguan Large Electronic Co.,Ltd is always committed to serving industrial users,offering the most optimal battery solutions and supplying high-quality battery products.

Founded in 2000,headquarter of the company is located in Dongguan,a famous industrial city in China.For the past 10 years,as a high-tech environmental energy company specializing in battery application,the company has established long-term business relationships with over 500 industrial users and won widely recognition among them.LARGE’s market share in China has anually grown at a speed of 30%.

Professional team,advanced technology and perfect service network have enabled the company to fully meet individual,diverse and international-standard demands from industrial users.

Through scientifically integrating excellent electrochemical resources,LARGE has built battery application system combining application,production, science and research, which provides a solid platform for its sustainable development.

Production Base
In mainland China,Large owns first-class production bases, separately located in Guangdong,Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces,which are rich in experience, advanced in equipment,scientific in techniques,and lean in management.At present,in battery industry,LARGE has taken the lead in the battery safety, stability,reliability,uniformity and electric performance.

Technical Support
Due to a first-rate platform for battery application technology,advanced battery full-performance test system,and electrical parameter test system,LARGE is able to offer industrial users the most cost-effective solutions on carbon,alkaline,li-Mn, Ni-Cd,Ni-MH,lead acid,lithium-ion batteries.

LARGE Lithium Battery Department
Since establishment,LARGE has been upholding the business idea- “development as required,response in 8h,spot service in 24h and maintenance for 10 years”.Currently,the company has a technical and sales team featuring strong service mind,professional technology,solid work and rich experience. Successively Dongguan R&D base is set up and comprehensive partnership is established with Desay,Seiko,Sanyo, Bak and other excellent companies on battery cell,power supply management and sealing production. After many years’ effort,LARGE has become one of the most important battery solution provider and battery products suppliers in China.

Service Network
In order to extend comprehensive presale,on sale and after sale to customers,LARGE has established three marketing centers in south,east and north China, together with offices in Dongguan,Shenzhen,Suzhou,Beijing,Quanzhou,etc.

Typical Customers
Including but not limited to: Motorola,Foxconn,Flextronics,Shidean Legrand,Teraoka Weighing,Coship Electronics,Skyworth digital,Lerado,Yuyue medical,Solar Energy,TE Connectivity and Tysan Group.Through cooperation with numerous respected customers,LARGE has realistically benefited them by most optimal battery solutions and stable,reliable,safe and eco-friendly battery products.