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Proven Innovative Battery Pack Solutions

LARGE Engineered Technologies is an experienced designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative battery power solutions. With over 15 years of operational excellence, we have built a state of the art ISO9001:2008 production facility in china, MA along with strategic global manufacturing locations to provide cost effective, high volume production. Epec manages complex customer programs with our stable of in-house design, tooling, programming, regulatory and test capabilities.

We offer designs for lithium-ion battery and lithium-polymer batteries. Our goal is to offer full battery design support to help create a custom pack with optimal size, capacity, voltage, operating temperature range to meet the many varied application demands.

Customized Battery Pack

  1. Cell Selection
  2. Protection circuit module
  3. Struction design
  4. Safety testing
  5. Prototype run
  6. Development & technical support

Li-ion battery protection circuit module

  • Over charge and discharge protection
  • Over current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Balancing feature
  • Thermal protection
  • Standard I2C,SMBUS,HDQ port can read and modify battery power information