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Carbon Battery

Carbon battery is primary battery , with manganese dioxide for cathode, and zinc case for anode, chemical power transferred to electric power for outside circuit. Carbon batteries are not only applied to flash light, semi-conductor radio, remote controller, camera, electric clock, toy etc., but also to national defense, science research, telecommunication, navigation, aviation, medical etc. national economy area.


a. Carbon battery types: common, paste type, board type zinc manganese dry battery.

b. Carbon battery model, AA/R6, AAA/R03, R20.

Large Batteryhas carbon batery models: eco-friendly R03 carbon zinc battery, R6P eco-friendly carbon zinc battery.

c. Carbon battery struction, cathode material MnO2, graphite rod; anode material zinc sheet; electrolyte, NH4Cl, ZnCl2 etc.

d. Carbon battery chemical equation, anode: Zn?Zn2??2e; Cathode: 2MnO2?2NH4??2e?Mn2O3?2NH3?H2O; Total reaction: Zn?2MnO2?2NH4??2Zn2??Mn2O3?2NH3?H2O.

e. Carbon battery application attention.

Check electronic appliance and battery contact whether clear, clean with wet cloth if necessary, proper assemble with correct poly after dry.

Avoid mix use of new and old battery; same model with different kind battery can not mix use too.

Forbid heat, charge or other methods to reborn battery, neither for disassemble battery.

Forbid battery short circuit, avoid baby play with battery, especial for eat or swallow.

Cut off electronic appliance after used, pick up battery if long term unused.