Researches & Developments

We have a full set of advanced testing equipment to ensure quality of our battery products.

Researches & Developments

Chemical Lab

Mainly test whether battery materials contain environmental hazardous elements and their content, including Pb, Cd, Hg and so on. It has atomic absorption spectrophotometer (including flame atomic generator and flow hydride generator), electronic analysis scale, electric-heating distilling apparatus, etc.
image of chemical lab


image of Atomic Absorption SpectrophotometerAtomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Widely used to analyze trace elements of various materials and test Pb, Cd, Hg and other 50 elements. There are two generators for this instrument: flame atomic generator testing ppm level content (10-6) and low hydride generator with sensitivity reaching ng/ml level (10-9).

image of Electronic Analysis ScaleElectronic Analysis Scale

Features: automatic failure inspection, external weight, automatic adjustment, overload protection, precise measurement, noctilucent display, internal tackle, piece weighing, percentage weighing, unit transfer (mg, g, kg, pound, carat and ounce), build in RS232C connector, and connection to computer and printer.

image of Electric-heating Distilling ApparatusElectric-heating Distilling Apparatus

Heat the running water with electricity, through distilling method generate pure water to be used in medical sanitation, pharmacy, plating and lab section.