Researches & Developments

We have a full set of advanced testing equipment to ensure quality of our battery products.

Researches & Developments

Environment Lab

Primarily test cell’s or battery’s environmental adaptability performance, covering constant damp and heat, salt spray, high and low temperature and battery low-voltage analog tests. Equipped with Pro Temp & Humi Test Machine, high & Low Temperature Machine, Precise Salt Spray Test Machine, Low-voltage Analog Test Machine, Thermoelectric Oven, etc.
image of environment lab

image of Pro Temp & Humi Test MachinePro Temp & Humi Test Machine

Able to control temperature (-20?-150?) and humidity (20%-98% R.H.). Used to imitate battery storage environment (low temp, high temp, high humi. etc), test battery high & low temperature cycle and battery environmental adaptability performances.

Structure: import cooling system, electronic safety protection system, fan system, heat & humidity system, sensor system, water system and control system.

image of Precise Salt Spray Test MachinePrecise Salt Spray Test Machine

Main test the corrosion resistance of materials through surface treatment including coating, plating, inorganic & organic surface coating, anode treatment, anti-rust oil. Instrument characteristics:

    1) Manual/auto water system.
    2) Digital display of temperature controller, with PID error ±0.1?.
    3) Dual over temperature protection
    4) Direct steam heating way to ensure fast temperature rise and less standby time
    5) Precise glass spray head to adjust spray volume
    6) Saturated air drum for heating and humidifying

image of High & Low Temperature MachineHigh & Low Temperature Machine

Imitate battery storage environment under high and low temp, test battery high & low temperature cycle and battery environmental adaptability performances.

Microcomputer controlled, precise temperature sensor system, digital display, reliable, stable,, temperature control scope: -40?-150?.

image of Overhead Low-voltage Analog Test MachineOverhead Low-voltage Analog Test Machine

Used to imitate battery storage state under low air pressure (11.6kPa) during overhead transportation. Constant voltage controlled by programs and over voltage protection by pressure reducing valve.