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Must I use Large batteries in my flashlight?
    You can use Panasonic®, Duracell® and Energizer® batteries bought from their authorized dealers since these batteries are suited for use in Large products.


Will using non-Large brand batteries void my Large warranty?
    Using genuine Panasonic®, Duracell® or Energizer® batteries will not void your warranty, but using any other non-Large brand will void it.


Aren’t all lithium batteries the same?
    No! Many counterfeit or inferior lithium batteries do not have the power output characteristics or built-in fault (short-circuit) protection that Large batteries have. This can cause poor performance or even be dangerous to you and your Large illumination tools.


Customers should never:

  • Mix old and new batteries
  • Mix different brands of batteries

How can I be sure a Large battery is not counterfeit?
    Buy your Large® brand batteries from www.large-battery.com or from an authorized Large dealer.