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LARGE Brought in Innovative Team Successfully

On July 7th 2016, LARGE passed strictly on-site review and selection of the third batch introduction of the innovative research team organized by experts from the Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, which confirmed the great advantage of the company’s status and marked LARGE introduced an innovation team successfully.

According to the spirit of Dongguan Municipal Government Office East House Office 2014 No. 42 “on the issuance of the” the Interim Measures for administrating of  innovative research-team. In Jan 2015 the innovative team leader signed a Graduate innovative practice-base and photovoltaic energy storage laboratory cooperation agreement as the Start, LARGE entered the great photovoltaic energy storage industry since the beginning of 2015.

The introduction of “intelligent and complementary Photovoltaic power generation and energy-storage, development and industrialization of complementary Energy Internet ” project, was an activity which launched in the optical and electrical and new energy research, which is on the basis  focusing on innovation” in the “13th Five-Year” plan, combined the photovoltaic complementary power generation system, real-time data storage and collection, wireless or wired transmission control station or centralized control center, cloud storage, data mining, online expert analysis system of smart photovoltaic grid, formed a complete smart photovoltaic cloud system solutions, provided remote one-stop technical support and advice for user. The research of the project carried out in three directions: intelligent optical storage and complementary grid-on generation system; high efficient and safe energy-storage system; the energy Internet system based on photovoltaic power generation.

Innovative team is leaded by professor Jiaxiang Xue , including 5 core members from South China University such as Zhenmin Wang ( Professor, doctoral tutor, power electronics expert),  Xiaobin Hong (Professor, doctoral tutor, expert in the measurement and control area), Yonghua Shi(Professor, doctoral tutor, signal processing expert), Jin Gang (Professor, doctoral tutor, expert in the measurement and control field), Ceng Min(associate professor, power and electronics expert), their innovation-level and industrialization-experience are in top range of their study.

Development and Industrialization of Intelligent and complementary photovoltaic power generation and energy storage technology ” project was set up after a review in written form, on-site plea and investigation, which makes LARGE became the first enterprise developed innovation team successfully in Nanchen District, Dongguan City, provided strong power for the transformation into new Science and technology field.