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Large Tiger Team Won Champion in the Entertaining Sports Meet

April 8th PM, “Nancheng Science Entertaining Sports Meet and First Association of Gosun Science Park” hosted by Nancheng Science Society was held at the basketball ground of Gosun Science Park.

There are five teams competing in this sports meet: EXTRAORDINARY, LEAP, GOSUN SUNSHINE, FUNSHION and TIGER TEAM. When Tiger Team made up of 15 members of our company marched in, green uniforms, confident expression and neat pace aroused the continuous cheers and applause among audiences.

In the following games, team members behaved like a tiger. In the first item-Lucky Star, it just took them 30 seconds to finished the required exercises and won the first game with full scores. For the remaining three items, although setbacks and failure occurred, the team always kept ahead in this sport meets. Especially in the decisive tug-of-war competition, we first defeated two other teams together with FUSHION team. Then our members finally beated the FUSHION team and got first place through scientific allocation, reasonable division and united spirit.

After the awards ceremony, our team joined the association activity hosted by park management committee and actively interacted with other companies.

Through this activity, we knew the importance of confidence and friendship, which is also a core for continuous development for a company.