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Lithium Battery Capacity

Capacity is the most important performance parameter for 18650 lithium battery and also a fundamental factor to decide battery price. Depending on raw material and technique, different capacities can be designed on 18650 lithium battery.
18650 lithium battery capacity is concerned by many industrial users and consumers because the higher the capacity, the longer the use time will be but high capacity causes high cost. Therefore it’s quite important to balance capacity and price.

Currently, there are Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, etc 18650 battery cells in domestic market. Among domestic brands, Shenzhen Bak and Tianjin Lishen are more famous.

Capacity of Lithium battery from the above battery manufacturers varies from 1000mAh to 3000mAh. However, common capacity ranges from 1800mAh to 2600mAh for the reason that too low capacity will affect battery’s efficient working time while too high capacity will cause high cost. In addition, it is not significant to use high-capacity 18650 lithium battery in ordinary fields.

Under the circumstance of fixed volume, the way of improving 18650 lithium battery capacity is adding more active substances to raise energy density. It has lasted long for 18650 lithium battery capacity enhancing from 600mAh to current 3000mAh, during which Japanese companies made remarkable contribution.
Selling points of 18650 lithium battery include capacity, battery cell brand and raw material structure (LiCoO, LiMnO, ternary material and LiFePo4).

As a decisive factor to price, capacity of 18650 lithium battery in the market may be virtually marked. For instance, capacity of 2200mAh is marked 2600mAh. Thus, consumer should buy products from branded manufacturers.

Yet in the process of buying battery, consumers need not restrict original import battery because domestic sealing factories might use import lithium battery.