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Lithium Ion Battery for Canon NB-5L Digital Camera

Now there are lot of fake products in the electronic gadgets market, including digital camera lithium ion battery. Below we will show you a way to distinguish Cannon NB-5L digital camera lithium ion battery from fake battery. NB-5L belongs to Cannon IXUS series. It sells good, which causes large requirements on lithium ion battery, some sellers start to replace original battery for unqualified battery, and then sell original battery with high profit. If consumes purchase smuggled digital, they would come across this issue easily.


For new NB-5L, the difference between original battery and fake one is obvious. The  latter one gets a bad appearance with worse printing and fuzzy sense on character edge. There are some differences on the back side of NB-5L fake battery, especially for some signs.


Another obvious difference is the plastic color near the metal contact of original battery. And sense of metal touch is also an important way for distinguish. Due to cost, the fake battery case comes from the old one, so the color is dark and even seems dirty. For the original one, the color is light yellow color, and there is a wax like protection coating on the appearance.