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Lithium Ion Battery Maintenance: Better Shallow Charge and Discharge

Currently notebook, tablet PC, digital camera, GPS, mobile, MP3, etc. have become people’s daily necessities. All of these devices are powered by lithium batteries and battery’s duration is deeply concerned by consumers. Correct lithium ion battery maintenance is an important way to extend battery life.


Take notebook for example, besides system power consumption, lithium ion battery maintenance is another important factor that affects notebook lithium ion battery stand-by time, or you have to use interface battery of backup battery usually.


Now, onBatteryUniversity, an article “How to Lengthen Lithium Ion Battery Cycle Life”, shows the best way to maintain battery. The best maintenance is partial use, fast discharge & charge. On the contrary, high frequency and long use time will soon damage battery soon. The more shallow discharge, the longer use time battery will has. Avoid often fully discharge if possible.


For user, recharging your battery after 10-20% capacity is consumed is better, or 50% is proper; try to recharge it before low power alter appears, do not fully discharge battery in any condition. Try to use large capacity or mobile power battery if outdoor.


Besides, environment affects lithium ion battery cycle life too. Too high or low temperature will damage lithium battery cycle life. For laptops that often connect with adapter, it is better to disconnect battery, which is not because charge behavior will damage battery but that notebook will become hot during work.. Surely if there is a good apply environment or radiating base, lithium ion battery could avoid lose of un-preserved data when power off.


Lithium ion battery maintenance might have little effect on single charge & discharge cycle, but it will obvious after several cycles. Lithium ion battery capacity would loss after one year or more, but some with good maintenance have high capacity.