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Battery Solution

11.1V 2200mAh Lithium ion Battery Solution for Bluetooth Speaker

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With the development of video technology, “bluetooth” audio products presents the trend of diversification, according to different users, the use of different environment and a split type, modular, desktop, portable and other types. It can carry. Don’t need long audio line, don’t need an external power supply, built-in lithium battery can run for a long time.

Applicable environment Applicable occasion Indoor+Outdoor
Working temperature/humidity  -20 60 ℃; 40 60 %RH
Storage temperature/humidity  -20 20 ℃; 50 70 %RH
Special performances requirements of charge and discharge under high/low temperature 0 45 charge -20 60 discharge.
other requirements Shelf life 1 year
Explosion-proof grade /
Water-proof grade /
Dust-proof  grade /
 Number of drop test /
Electrical characteristics Work voltage range 912.6V
Capacity 2200mAh
work time /
Dimension 72*56*23mm
Work current 2.0A
Max Start-up current 5A start time  20ms
Max continous work current 2.5A
Power frequency and time use frequently
Power management /
Certification of finished product and environmental requirements GB31241-2014(CQC), UN38.3, RoHS
Battey solution Battery specification 18650/3S1P/2200mAh/11.1V
Model 18650/2200mAh/3.7V
PCB amd components IC S-8254AAV
MOS SL3012S*2
others /
Encapsulation mode Basic protection
parameters Nominal Voltage 11.1V
Nominal Capacity 2200mAh
Dimension 72*56*23mm
Internal resistance 330m
Weight 150 g
Charge current  2.5 A
Continous discharge current  2.5 A
Protective current 915 A
Charge voltage 12.6V
Cut-off voltage 9 V
Life Circle charge at  0.5C, discharge at 0.5C,  300   times
Charge temperature  0 45  
Discharge temperature  -20 60  
Storeage temperature  -20 60  
Protective temperature /  ±  / 
Main Features 1. with protective function of overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit etc
2. with NTC functions of measuring temperature
Images of battery pack  Bluetooth Speaker Battery