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Low Self-discharge AA Ni-MH Battery Pack

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Parameters of low self-discharge AA Ni-MH battery pack:
Cell model: Ni-MH AA 1800mah 1.2V (low self-discharge)
Rated capacity: 1800mAh
Rated voltage: 12.0V
Cut-off voltage: 10.0V
Max discharge current: 1800mA (1C)
Internal resistance: ?500m?
Shape size: L71.9xW29.3xH50.9mm
Lead model: UL1007/24# white/black/red NTC connector
Product package: fruit green PVC shrink
Inkjet printing: specification model and LARGE logo
Cycle life: IEC standard ?500 times
(standard charge time 14-16h at 180mA, fast  2.2h at 900mA)

12V/1800mAh low self-discharge AA Ni-MH battery pack chooses single AA 1800mAh low self-discharge Ni-MH battery cells in 10-series connection method. Fully charged battery could meet nebulizer last 5 hours above requirement, common Ni-MH battery with high self-discharge, regular charge one time every three months, to ensure battery charge and discharge characteristic, and for long sale period product, can not regular charge for battery in the sale channel so as to battery can not charge since over discharge. Through material and aircraft improve, low self-discharge could ensure battery remain voltage and capacity after one year storage without charge, like can not recharge after long time storage situation will not happen again.
12V Ni-MH battery pack with built-in PTC has dual function including over current protection and auto recover, prevent battery from high temperature discharge, unsafe large current discharge; and temperature control impedance NTC that connect with  main board monitors battery temperature situation timely, when battery temperature rises to 70?, NTC cuts off circuit and stop battery charge and discharge, prevent battery from over heat.