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Maintenance and Apply of Ni-MH Battery

Usually a new Ni-MH battery only has a low electricity volume. When purchased, it requires charge before use.


New purchased Ni-MH battery performance will be in a best status after 3-4 times’ charge and discharge. When you charge the battery for the first time, its capacity may not be as much as you imagine, but this problem can be solved after 3-4 cycles.


Though Ni-MH battery has little memory effect, the best way to use it is recharge only after fully discharge. Do avoid light charge & discharge. This is very important for Ni-MH battery’s maintenance.


When you charge a Ni-MH battery, you should pay attention to heat dissipation. It is important that you do not put lots of un-necessary things around charger. When you put away the battery, take notice if the place is clean, dry and without derict sunlight exposion. You should find a good place to store the battery. In case of self-discharge, keep battery cap clean. Use soft and clean cloth to clean if necessary.


If you will not use the battery for a long term, remember to store in a dry box or in any dry environment in case of short circuit.