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  • image of ni-mh battery

    Ni-MH Battery Parameters
    Any nickle metal hydride battery should set standard parameters, which are reflected in product instruction. Ordinarily, Ni-MH battery parameters include: core parameters that decides battery performance: Rated capacity: battery capacity is decided by active substance quantity whereas active substance content depends on battery material and si...

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    Nicke Metal Hydride Battery Types
    Nickel metal hydride battery can be divided into standard or universal type, high rate type, high capacity type, high temperature and low temperature type. 1. Standard type: standard type has general standards of Ni-MH battery. These standards are: (1). lifetime between 500-1000 times; (2). Sealed and leak-proof so that Ni-MH battery is free of ...

  • image of ni-mh battery

    How to Measure Ni-MH Battery Capacity
    To measure Ni-MH battery capacity should be based on test condition of Ni-MH battery and correct test method. There are two methods to test ni-mh battery capacity-laboratory method and manual method. Laboratory method requires special instruments and strict compliance with temperature& humidity environment stipulated by IEC. Batteries to be ...

  • image of battery charge

    Reason for Battery Charge Failure
    The problem of battery charge failure most concerned by people aims at two rechargeable batteries in the market: Ni-MH battery and li-ion battery. It is hoped that reasons for inability to charge battery or battery pack, and solutions of this problem can be sought. Generally, failure to charge battery can attribute to battery inherent internal r...

  • image of lithium battery

    Charge Lithium Battery in Parallel
    Lithium battery in parallel aims at increasing capacity. Thus, for lithium batteries in parallel and single lithium battery, charge design features are different. This difference is mostly reflected by charge current design and consistency of battery in parallel. Lithium batteries in parallel are characterize by unchangeable voltage, single batt...

  • image of lithium battery

    Lithium Battery First Charge
    Many people feel confused about the lithium battery first charge. About this issue, following knowledge should nail down. Full charge is OK: lithium batteries for first use need not activating, which results from big differences of charge& discharge characteristics between lithium batteries and Ni-MH batteries. Yet underlying reason is that...

  • image of lithium battery

    Lithium Battery Charge Cycle
    Charge cycle of lithium battery has a close relationship with lithium battery lifetime. A charge cycle refers to a complete charge and discharge course on lithium batteries. If decomposed, a charge cycle is made up of a full charge and full discharge course. Lithium battery lifetime is related to complete times of its charge cycles. In other wor...

  • image of lithium batteries

    Lithium Battery Protection Voltage
    Charge upper limit and discharge lower limit need to be set in the charge& discharge process of lithium-ion batteries. Thus, there are charge protection voltage and discharge protection voltage for lithium batteries (here referred to lithium-ion batteries). In terms of single lithium battery, generally charge protection voltage is 4.2V, or 4...

  • image of lithium battery

    Lithium Battery Discharge Cutoff Voltage
    Discharge cutoff voltage is a vital parameter concerning lithium battery lifetime. Therefore, this concept meaning should be made clear. Lithium battery here particularly refers to li-ion battery. Lithium battery cutoff voltage means that it is not suitable to discharge any longer if lithium battery voltage reaches a certain value otherwise, par...

  • image of 6-cell lithium battery

    6-cell Lithium Battery Voltage
    As a battery pack most commonly used on laptops, 6-cell lithium battery is specially designed for laptops. 6-cell lithium battery is combined with 18650 battery cell, whose current voltage is 3.7V or 3.6V. 6-cell lithium battery with 3.7V has two combination ways: 7.4V and 11.1V. Take 18650 2200mAh battery cell for example: 7.4V lithium battery ...

  • image of coin batteries

    Coin Battery Model
    In practical use, coin battery models are compound marked with structure and external dimension. There are two types of coin batteries: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Among rechargeable button cells, 3.6V LIR series, 3V ML series and LV series are common; non-rechargeable coin cells include 3V CR series, 1.5V LR series and 1.55V SR series. B...

  • image of button batteries

    Button Battery Voltage
    As a backup power, button battery is named after their coin shape. People often distinguish these batteries with their rated voltage. For example, 3V coin cell refers to CR series battery whereas 1.5V button cell ordinarily is Ag series battery. Button batteries can be divided into rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. They have the follo...

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