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    Charge and Discharge Cycle Performance of Lithium Battery at Normal Temperature
    Under normal temperature, lithium-ion battery should experience some charge and discharge cycles. How does it behave in and after this course? This question involves process improvement of lithium battery. Thus some test parameters should be applied to illustrate it. Due to fast development of domestic new energy automobiles, choosing high-capac...

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    Three Consequences after Lithium Battery Short Circuit and Explosion Precautions
    Short circuit has caused many severe consequences on lithium battery. if impurities have left in electrolyte and incorrect use or placement, during impurity movement, film that prevent anode and cathode from contacting might be cut and lead to short circuit. Short circuit may induce three consequences, which depends on severity of short circuit....

  • anode coating

    Work Process and Considerations of lithium-ion Battery Anode Coating
    Coating is a key link in anode manufacture of lithium-ion battery. Good anode material can directly affect battery capacity and other performances. The so-called coating refers to composite membrane made through coating paste polymer, molten polymer or polymer solution on film. To lithium-ion battery, film to coat is metal foil, generally bronze...

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    Improve Lithium Battery Performance with Sandwich and Drilling Technology
    Professor Dr. Harold of Northwest University published an article on recent magazine-Advanced Energy Materials, detailed describing Sandwich and Drilling technology that are able to improve capacity storage and charge efficiency of lithium battery. Sandwich technology to improve capacity-storing efficiency Lithium ions lie among graphene-a batte...

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    Reasons for Actual Lifetime of Lithium Battery Shorter Than Its Theoretical Lifetime
    Generally, unique characteristics of material and structure have determined lithium-ion battery’s lifetime. Battery lifetime calculated as per material and structure is called theoretical lifetime. Yet actual lifetime of lithium battery during work is often shorter than theoretical lifetime, which is caused by capacity’s non-work los...

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