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  • image-of-battery-discharge-current

    AA Dry Battery Discharge Current
    AA dry battery load current depends on load resistance (I=U/R): the higher the load resistance, the lower the current, vice versa. Therefore, there is a largest limit current for AA dry battery, it will damage or shorten lifetime when above this value.   AA dry battery work time depends on discharge current, that load and battery internal r...

  • image of differences between carbon and alkaline batteries

    Differences between Carbon and Alkaline Battery
    The difference between carbon and alkaline batteries include, a. In terms of material, both carbon battery and alkaline battery are dry batteries. b. Carbon battery is carbon zinc battery, also called zinc manganese battery. It is a most common dry battery and features low price, high safety and reliable. Yet it contains heavy metal cadmium, whi...

  • image of electronics battery

    Appropriate Electronic Product’s Batteries
    How to purchase appropriate battery for electronic products? a. Firstly, choose battery type and size according to electronic product requirements, and decide to choose what kind of battery, rechargeable or non-rechargeable according to power consumption and features of electronic products. High-power consumption product, e.g. MP3, digital camer...

  • image of lithium ion battery application

    Common Sense on Applications of Lithium Ion Batteries
    a. It should use special battery charger to charge lithium batteries. It takes CC/CV charge method, that is, charge with constant current, then transfer to constant voltage charge when voltage is up to 4.5V, stop charge until charge current declines to 0.01C. Charge voltage: max charge voltage is 4.2V*n (n is the number of series connection) Cha...

  • image of rated battery capacity

    Rated Battery Capacity
    In deigned regular condition (temperature, discharge rate, cut-off voltage etc.), the minimum capacity battery can discharge, unit Amper Hour, sign for C. Capacity is affected by discharge rate, so number following C represents the discharge rate, for instance, C20=50 stands for 20 hour rate capacity is 50 Ampere Hour. Theoretical battery capaci...

  • image of regular battery classification

    Classifications of Regular Charger
    a. Classifications by resources, Common charger: common house power with transformer providing power; Solar power charger: use solar panel collect solar power Wireless charger: use electromagnetic coupling principle Hand charger: use manpower b. Classifications by applications: Mobile charger, notebook charger, electric vehicle charger, large ch...

  • image of battery development history

    Battery’s Brief Development History
    In ancient time, similar battery device appeared, but the first recognized battery is Volta, which becomevoltapile in 1800 by using different metal and electrolyte.   In 1839, W.R. Grove published the first report about fuel battery research in the world.   French Plante firstly developed lead acid battery, and became commercialization...

  • image of durable alkaline battery

    Durable Alkaline Battery
    Why alkaline battery is durable? Alkaline battery, also called alkaline zinc manganese dry battery, compared to regular dry battery (carbon battery), is durable, large current, long storage life, shell resistant to corrosion etc. Alkaline battery uses opposite electrode structure, which increases relative volume between cathode and anode. Beside...

  • image of battery ageing

    New Method to Exactly Monitor Battery Ageing Status
    Englandresearcher finds out a simple and exact method that can monitor reaction within lithium ion battery, and quantify dendrite crystal formation that causes fire as soon as possible. Researcher shows, this new method will help large-scale commercialize application of lithium ion battery, from newest “Nature Material Science”. Currently, lithi...

  • image of Ni-MH battery maintenance

    Tips on Ni-MH Battery Maintenance
    Some points need noticing in applications of Ni-MH battery, and they will help your battery last longer. Below are some methods on Ni-MH battery maintenance,   a. Ni-MH battery should be discharged fully before first use. It will require 3-5 charges to activate battery internal cathode and anode material to evaluate whether Ni-MH battery ca...

  • image of how to extend lithium battery life

    How to Extend Lithium Battery Life
    Tom Hartley, electronic engineer professor in AkronUniversity, helped NASA research extend lithium battery life and said the deeper discharge to lithium battery, the greater damage for battery; the fuller charge to lithium battery, the greater damage for battery. The cycle life of lithium battery will be longest if it remains 50% remaining capac...

  • image of how to store lithium ion batteries

    How to Store Long-term Unused Lithium Ion Batteries
    Lithium ion batteries has self-discharge, which is related to voltage, so long-term stored lithium ion batteries should be charged, and battery capacity will loss during storage. Below is relationship between charged capacity and storage temperature based on lithium ion battery capacity:   Storage Temperature–40% Charged Status—...

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