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  • image of alkaline battery

    Alkaline Battery
    Alkaline battery, also called alkaline dry battery, alkaline zinc manganese battery or alkaline manganese battery, has best quality among zinc manganese batteries. This battery is suitable to high-current discharge and long time use. Alkaline battery has low internal resistance with work current higher than regular manganese battery. Besides, it...

  • image of lithium ion battery

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Lithium Ion Battery
    Main advantages of lithium ion battery, a. High energy density, 460-600Wh/kg, 6-7 times of lead acid battery’s energy density. b. Long cycle life, up to 6 years. A cycle time of lithium iron phosphate battery can reach 1000 times. c. High rated voltage, single cell voltage 3.7V/3.2V, which equals 3 Ni-CD or NiMH batteries in series connect...

  • image of lithium battery designation

    Lithium Battery Designation
    Lithium battery designation According to IEC61960 standard, identification of lithium battery cell as below: a. Battery identification includes 3 letters & 5 numbers for cylindrical battery or 6 numbers for flat battery. b. First letter shows battery anode material, “I” is battery with lithium ion; “L” is lithium metal electrode. c. Second l...

  • image of 18650 lithium ion battery

    18650 Lithium Ion Battery
    18650 lithium ion battery is typical lithium battery that uses for electronic product, special for notebook. 18650 battery, diameter 18mm, height 65m, cylindrical battery body. Lithium is a metal element, why called lithium battery? Because its cathode material is lithium cobalt oxide, surely there are many kinds of battery, like lithium iron, M...

  • image of lithium battery protection circuit

    Lithium Battery Protection Circuit
    Lithium battery protection circuit, its function that protects rechargeable battery, sustains its safety and consistence during charge and discharge, plays a important part in the whole battery circuit, e.g. Lithium ion battery, like mobile battery, includes cell, PCM and case. Main function of PCM, a. Over charge protection, stop charge once re...

  • image of ni-mh battery characteristics

    Ni-MH Battery Characteristics
    Ni-MH battery characteristics mainly consist of charge and discharge feature, self-discharge and long storage feature, and lifetime and safety feature. 1. Charge feature?higher Ni-MH battery charge current and lower charge temperature will cause Ni-MH battery charge voltage to rise. Generally, battery should charge under constant current not mor...

  • image of what is alkaline battery

    What is Alkaline Battery?
    What is alkaline battery? Answer to this question involves principle, structure and feature of alkaline battery. Alkaline battery is also called alkaline dry battery. In daily life, it is often mentioned together with carbon battery because both are typical dry battery. In terms of work principle, chemical equation of alkaline battery is Zn+2MnO...

  • image of battery activation

    Rechargeable Battery Activation
    Expansion of micro-electronic product market has popularized rechargeable batteries. Yet a technical problem concerning rechargeable battery activation has emerged, which roused rather controversial opinions. To explain rechargeable battery activation should be based on recognition of rechargeable batteries. What is activation? The so-called act...

  • image of recondition lithium battery

    Recondition Lithium Battery by Replacing Cells
    Polarization of digital products has pushed wider application of lithium battery (including li-ion battery and li-polymer battery). Generally, lithium battery has 300-500 charge cycles. After use some times, battery capacity will fall. At this time, battery needs replacing. Different lithium battery designs have caused high price of original bat...

  • image of 18650 battery capacity

    Capacity of 18650 Lithium Battery
    As an important parameter of 18650 lithium battery, capacity is also a fundamental elements to determine battery prices. Manufacturers with different raw material and technique could design 18650 lithium batteries with diverse capacity. 18650 battery capacity is mostly concerned by industrial users and individual consumers because higher capacit...

  • image of lithium polymer battery

    Advantage and Disadvantage of Lithium Polymer Battery
    Lithium polymer battery is one type of lithium ion battery. Compare to other lithium ion batteries, it is advantageous on high energy density, small size, thin, and high safety, cost efficient etc. It is a new type battery. Advantage, Ultra-thin: could be assembled in credit card. Flexible sharp: manufacturer doesn’t need to limit to stand...

  • image of phone battery

    How Long will be Cell Phone’s First Charge Time
    Ref to cell phone battery’s activation, there are variety ways of saying, as below, above 12 hours of the three charge times, so as to activate the battery. This saying is a misunderstanding for Ni-MH battery before. Cell phone battery has been aged and activated before delivery, therefore, consumer does not need to activate before using, ...

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