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  • image of battery ageing

    New Method to Exactly Monitor Battery Ageing Status
    Englandresearcher finds out a simple and exact method that can monitor reaction within lithium ion battery, and quantify dendrite crystal formation that causes fire as soon as possible. Researcher shows, this new method will help large-scale commercialize application of lithium ion battery, from newest “Nature Material Science”. Currently, lithi...

  • image of Ni-MH battery maintenance

    Tips on Ni-MH Battery Maintenance
    Some points need noticing in applications of Ni-MH battery, and they will help your battery last longer. Below are some methods on Ni-MH battery maintenance,   a. Ni-MH battery should be discharged fully before first use. It will require 3-5 charges to activate battery internal cathode and anode material to evaluate whether Ni-MH battery ca...

  • image of how to extend lithium battery life

    How to Extend Lithium Battery Life
    Tom Hartley, electronic engineer professor in AkronUniversity, helped NASA research extend lithium battery life and said the deeper discharge to lithium battery, the greater damage for battery; the fuller charge to lithium battery, the greater damage for battery. The cycle life of lithium battery will be longest if it remains 50% remaining capac...

  • image of how to store lithium ion batteries

    How to Store Long-term Unused Lithium Ion Batteries
    Lithium ion batteries has self-discharge, which is related to voltage, so long-term stored lithium ion batteries should be charged, and battery capacity will loss during storage. Below is relationship between charged capacity and storage temperature based on lithium ion battery capacity:   Storage Temperature–40% Charged Status—...

  • image of digital camera ni-mh batteries

    Tips on Buying Digital Camera Ni-MH Batteries
    Ni-MH batteries are widely used on digital cameras in current market, as common as the same model of alkaline batteries. Though price of Ni-MH batteries is very high, their accumulated cost will be lower than that of alkaline batteries, and they can replace alkaline batteries if cameras are out of power during filming. Currently there are many t...

  • image of digital camera lithium batteries

    How to Tell Original Lithium Ion Batteries of Canon NB-5L Digital Camera
    Now there are lost of fake products in the electronic market, including digital camera lithium ion battery. Some immoral sellers replace part of component with unqualified part, which makes customers incur losses. Below we will teach you how to distinguish true Cannon NB-5L digital camera lithium batteries. NB-5L, a Cannon IXUS series is a hot s...

  • image-of-0V-low-voltage-battery

    Reasons and Precautions for 0V or Low Voltage Battery
    Reasons for 0v or low voltage battery include: External short circuit or overcharge, reverse charge/forced over discharge. High-rate large current continuous over charge, causing battery cell swell, and cathode and anode poles short circuit directly. Batteryinternal short circuit or micro short circuit, e.g. cathode and anode plate burr punche...

  • image of how to maintain nimh batteries

    How to Maintain NiMH Batteries
    a. Usually remaining capacity of new Ni-MH batteries is little after purchased. It requires charging before use. If sales period is short, recharging after use is recommended.   b. Performance of newly bought NiMH batteries will be in a best status after 3-4 charges and use.   c. Ni-MH battery has memory effect, so it is the best to re...

  • image of is carbon battery rechargeable

    Is Carbon Battery Rechargeable
    Many people often asked the question that “is carbon battery rechargeable”. The answer is negative. Carbon batter is primary battery, and non-rechargeable. In our life, there are two types of rechargeable and non-rechargeable AA/AAA batteries. Non-rechargeable AA/AAA batteries include carbon battery and alkaline battery. Carbon battery is much c...

  • image of AA dry battery

    Discharge Current of AA Dry Battery
    Load current of AA dry battery depends on load resistance (I=U/R): the higher the load resistance, the lower the current, vice versa. Therefore, for AA dry battery, there is an upper limit current, which will damage or shorten battery lifetime in case of load current higher than this upper limit. Work time of AA dry battery depends on discharge ...

  • image of carbon and alkaline batteries

    Distinguish Carbon and Alkaline Batteries
    How to distinguish carbon and alkaline batteries? Simplest way is “looking, checking and touching”. a. Looking, regular AA/AAA alkaline battery uses LR6 and LR03 to sign individually while R6 and R03 for AA/AAA carbon battery. b. Checking: for same model, alkaline battery is heavier than carbon battery, e.g. AA alkaline battery is about 25g, and...

  • image of carbon batteries

    Principle and Designation of Carbon Batteries
    Carbon batteries are actually zinc manganese dry battery. Carbon batteries use MnO2 cathode activate material, zinc anode activate material, and ammonium chloride and zinc chloride or KOH aqueous solution for electrolyte, starch and coated paper or special film for separator, electrolyte usually jellify or absorb in separator etc. carriers, in u...

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