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  • image of how to purchase lithium battery

    How to Purchase Lithium Battery
    Lithium battery is classified into lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery. The electrolyte of lithium ion battery is liquid while lithium polymer battery has solid electrolyte. Thus, lithium ion battery is more unstable than lithium polymer battery and using unqualified battery charger will cause battery explosion. Presently lithium bat...

  • image of 3-cell lithium battery

    How to Distinguish 3-Cell Lithium Battery from 6-Cell Lithium Battery
    Currently notebook batteries have six types, including three, four, six, eight, nine and twelve cell. In brief, the more cells lithium battery has, the longer lifetime will be. In the same voltage, 6-cell lithium battery will last longer than 3-cell lithium battery. This is because its capacity is larger than 3-cell battery. Then how to distingu...

  • image of AA lithium battery

    AA Lithium Battery
    Which one is better for digital camera, AA lithium battery or AA alkaline battery?   It is generally believed that AA lithium battery is better than AA alkaline battery. First, it is durable and rechargeable; second, it is saving money. Though AA alkaline battery is convenient for use and easily available, it will cost much money. Thus, we ...

  • image of lithium ion battery price

    Lithium Ion Battery Price
    Before buying lithium ion batteries, we should know what type of lithium ion battery, which depends on voltage, capacity, size, work current, maxi discharge current, application environment, other special requirement and electric device requirement etc. As a lithium ion battery manufacturer, we can send an official quotation of any lithium ion b...

  • image of high temperature battery

    What is High Temperature Battery
    High temperature battery has six grades: 100??125??150??175??200? and above 5 grade. At present, electrochemical systems of massively used high temperature battery is Li/SOCL2 and Li/SO2CL2. These systems have highest energy density, widest application temperature, longest storage time and highest work voltage.   ?100? application: battery ...

  • image of Ni-MH battery and lithium battery

    Ni-MH Battery & Lithium Battery, Which is better?
    Ni-MH battery and lithium battery, which one is better? Depending on the applications, each has its individual advantages. For instance, lithium battery is suitable for mobile phone, but for digital camera, since it requests high current and large capacity consumption, Ni-MH battery is a better choice.   Below is the differences between the...

  • image of lead acid batteries

    Lead Acid Batteries
    Lead acid batteries are composed of electrolyte with lead, oxide and sulfuric acid solution, cathode and lead sulfate anode.   Lead acid battery electron reaction,   Charge: 2PbSO4+2H2O?PbO2+Pb+2H2SO4 Positive pole: PbSO4 + 2H2O? 2e ? === PbO2 + 4H+ + SO42? Negative pole: PbSO4 + 2e ?=== Pb + SO42? Discharge: PbO2+Pb+2H2SO4?2PbSO4+2H2O...

  • image of lithium ion battery maintenance

    Lithium Ion Battery Maintenance: Better Shallow Charge and Discharge
    Currently notebook, tablet PC, digital camera, GPS, mobile, MP3, etc. have become people’s daily necessities. All of these devices are powered by lithium batteries and battery’s duration is deeply concerned by consumers. Correct lithium ion battery maintenance is an important way to extend battery life.   Take notebook for example, besides ...

  • image of AA alkaline battery

    AA Alkaline Battery Capacity
    Height of AA alkaline battery is 48.0±0.5mm and diameter is 14.1±0.2mm. Its capacity is not fixed and depends on discharge current; 2000mAh is common for small current discharge and declines greatly for large current. Regular discharge capacity of AA alkaline battery with low current is between 1800 and 2200mAh.   Alkaline battery has many ...

  • image of restore lithium battery

    Three Ways to Restore Lithium Battery
    Following are three regular ways to restore lithium battery: a. clean lithium ion battery and mobile metal contact with a rubber cleaner or other material cleaner, which is beneficial for duration of charge and discharge. b. firmly wrap old lithium ion batteries with plastic film, keep as close as possible, three plies inside and outside to make...

  • image of large-capacity batteries

    Safety Issues of Large-capacity Batteries
    For an energy system, the higher the power, the more dangerous it is. Lithium ion battery is a typical example. It is fantastic to raise its capacity and lower the danger factor at the same material.  Because current superimpose principle, rendezvous point of current superimpose is close to battery tab. This will lead to uneven current density o...

  • image of battery cycle life test

    What is Battery Cycle Life Test
    Ni-CD battery and Ni-MH battery cycle life test in IEC standard as follow, 0.2CBatterydischarge to 1.0V, a. 0.1C charge battery for 16 hours, then 0.2C discharge for two and half hours (first cycle); b. 0.25C charge 3 hours and 10 minutes, then 0.25C discharge 2 hours and 20 minutes (2-48 cycles); c. 0.25C charge 3 hours and 10 minutes, then 0.2...

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