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  • image of 18650 battery

    18650 Battery Voltage
    18650 battery voltage is a vital parameter of 18650 lithium battery. To master basic knowledge of 18650 battery voltage plays an important role of scientifically charging& discharging and protecting 18650 battery. This article tries to establish 18650 battery voltage system through explaining following parameters:   1. work voltage, als...

  • image of smart battery system

    What Is Smart Battery
    Smart battery system, called SBS for short, is important part of modern power technology.   Smart battery system use internal electronic circuit to measure, calculate and store battery data. It could make power application and management more predictable.   Now, smart battery system has been applied to notebook, portable electronic pro...

  • image of button battery types

    Button Battery Types
    Button battery, is a cell whose sharp and size is similar to little button. In general, this battery features large in diameter and thin in thickness. Button battery is classified into rechargeable and primary. Rechargeable button battery includes 3.3V rechargeable lithium ion button battery (LIR series), 3V rechargeable lithium button battery (...

  • R03a

    Carbon Battery
    Carbon battery is primary battery , with manganese dioxide for cathode, and zinc case for anode, chemical power transferred to electric power for outside circuit. Carbon batteries are not only applied to flash light, semi-conductor radio, remote controller, camera, electric clock, toy etc., but also to national defense, science research, telecom...

  • image of lithium nickel manganese oxide battery

    Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Battery
    Lithium nickel manganese oxide battery refers to lithium-ion battery with nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide as anode material. Lithium battery with nickel manganese oxide material is characterized by cheaper price of lithium-nickel-oxide than that of lithium-cobalt-oxide and their similar performances.   1. Performance of lithium battery with n...

  • image of lithium battery production process

    Lithium Battery Production Process
    Lithium battery technology is very strict and complex, below is the basic production process, a. Pulping, use special liquor and adhesive mix with cathode and anode pond activate material individually; make to paste cathode and anode material. b. Coating, coat paste material on surface of metal foil evenly, bake, produce cathode and anode sheet ...

  • image of lithium batteries

    How to Distinguish Original Lithium Battery
    As people’s life standard improves, electronic products, e.g. mobile phone, notebook, digital camera, video camera, etc, have widely applied to daily life. Lithium ion battery plays a great part in these high-tech consumer products. Currently, most electronic products in the market are powered by lithium ion batteries instead of Ni-MH batteries,...

  • image of battery series and parallel

    Cautions on Lithium Battery’s Series/Parallel Combination
    Using lithium battery in series or parallel combination sounds simple, but in order to avoid unnecessary problem, it needs to follow some simple rules. Do not mix cells of different brand or different capacity. Never use new and old batteries. Choose battery cells with high uniformity. When battery has no enough capacity, replace all lithium bat...

  • image of ni-mh battery charge time

    How to Calculate Ni-MH Battery Charge Time
    Ni-MH battery charge time can be easily calculated with below method: battery capacity divides charge current, and then multiplies coefficient 1.2 or 1.1, time unit hour, e.g. Ni-MH battery capacity 1200mAh, charge current 600mA, charge time (1200mA/600mA)×1.2=2.4 hours, so that this battery need 2.4 hours with 600mA ni-mh battery charger. Relat...

  • image of UPS

    Matters ought to be Attended on UPS
    1. Startup attention A. startup step, Main power powers lead firstly. No-load start after making sure not short circuit or load. Cut off main power after second step, check whether battery inverter normal. Recover city power with load, check city power or inverter whether normal with load. Cut off and on distribution box’s switch every 3 m...

  • image of battery voltage

    Battery Voltage
    Voltage of television signal induction on aerial 0.1mV Voltage of maintain human biology current 1.2mV Rated voltage of Ni-MH battery 1.2V Rated voltage of alkaline battery 1.5V Voltage of silver oxide battery for electronic watch 4.5V Voltage of dry battery 1.5V Voltage of single lead acid battery 2V Voltage of battery for potable mobile 3.6V S...

  • image of lithium battery cycle life

    Lithium Battery Cycle Life
    Misunderstanding on lithium battery cycle life is that battery needs replacing after 300 to 500 cycle times; the correct saying is that lithium ion battery cycle life is related to complete charge cycle time, without direct relationship with charge time. A charge cycle is lithium battery fully charged then completely discharged, then recharge, t...

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