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Ni-MH Battery & Lithium Battery, Which is better?

Ni-MH battery and lithium battery, which one is better? Depending on the applications, each has its individual advantages. For instance, lithium battery is suitable for mobile phone, but for digital camera, since it requests high current and large capacity consumption, Ni-MH battery is a better choice.


Below is the differences between the two:


a. Lithium battery voltage is 3.2V or 3.7V; single Ni-MH battery 1.2V;

b. Lithium battery free of memory effect; Ni-MH battery has;

c. Lithium battery without heavy metal element, such as cadmium etc.;

d. Lithium battery is eco-friendly, without pollution;

e. Lithium battery has high energy density and long cycle life;

f. Lithium battery has more models, and Ni-MH battery is universal, which can replace AA/AAA alkaline or carbon battery.