Researches & Developments

We have a full set of advanced testing equipment to ensure quality of our battery products.

Researches & Developments

  • image of senior system engineer

    Senior System Engineer
    Name: Zhang Huayong Title: Senior System Engineer Major: Computer information management Personal introduction: experience of ISO manager in large enterprise for 6 years. Familiar with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ROHS management system and experienced in examination of world top 500 customers.

  • image of senior eletrochemical engineer

    Senior Electrochemical Engineer
    Name: Tuo Xiande Title: Senior Slectrochemical Engineer Major: Applied Chemistry Personal introduction: work in battery companies for 9 years. Familiar with production techniques and test technology of carbon battery, alkaline battery, Ni-MH battery, lead acid battery and other batteries. Deeply understand battery use requirements, product char...

  • image of senior electronic engineer

    Senior Electronics Engineer
    Name: Huang Zuli Title: Senior Electronics Engineer Major: Electronics and information engineering Personal introduction: 8-year work experience in lithium sealing industry and in large notebook sealing companies. Well know analog and digital circuit, protection IC and protection components. Expert at PROTEL99SE, POWEPCB circuit design software ...

  • image of senior structure engineer

    Senior Structure Engineer
    Name: Zhou Bing Title: Senior Structure Engineer Major: Machinery And Automation Personal introduction: Once worked in electronics companies for 6 years. Have rich experience in machinery structure design.  Master PROE, CAD software. Familiar with injection and machinery process techniques.

  • image of senior process engineer

    Senior Process Engineer
    Name: Liu Jianbo Title: Senior Process Engineer Major: Industrial Electronics Personal introduction: Once worked in lithium battery sealing companies for 10 years. Have a deep study in lithium battery seal process, injection, ultrasound, coating and other processes. Master how to produce clamps and IE technology.

  • image of senior electrochemical engineer

    Senior Electrochemical Engineer
    Name: Huang Jianhua Title: Senior Electrochemical Engineer Major: Electrochemical engineering Personal introduction: 11 years in battery industry. Once work as R&D engineer, quality engineer and project manager in Gold Peak and Desay. Proficient in battery performance indexes, national& international standards, CE/UL certification, batt...

  • image of quality engineer

    Quality Engineer
    Name: Jiang Zhigang Title: Quality Engineer Major: Machinery& Electronics Personal introduction: Once worked in Foxconn for year with six-year quality work experience, master of CAD and PROE software, proficient at SPC and PMEA quality control technology and good at defective product analysis.