Researches & Developments

We have a full set of advanced testing equipment to ensure quality of our battery products.

Researches & Developments

Development system
Development system: Since its establishment, it has formed a stable and creative team in lithium battery module system development field .
Taking Project Management, technology innovation and elite team as basis, Large Power’s custom li-ion battery products and solutions fully expresses its core competence in fast response, excellence, customization and after-sales guarantee. It creates more value for end users in the process of providing special-usage lithium ion battery products and solutions.

Expert team
Expert group covers measure and control, electrochemistry, opto-mechatronics, power electronic, signal processing and instruments and so on . There are 7 experts, including 6 professors and 1 associate professor.

  • Jiaxiang Xue
    Professor, PhD supervisor, optical mechanical and electrical expert.
    Mainly engaged in inverting technology, signal processing, intelligent measurement and control research and so on.
  • Zhengming Wang
    Professor, PhD supervisor, power electronics experts.
    Mainly engaged in switching power supply, embedded technology and other fields.
  • Xiaoping Hong
    Professor, PhD supervisor, measurement and control expert.
    Mainly engaged in solar panels, power systems, and fault detection of new energy vehicles, intelligent Internet and other fields.
  • Libao Chen
    Professor, post-doctoral, electrochemical experts.
    Mainly engaged in high-performance nano-structure materials design, synthesis and application of energy storage devices research.

Engineer team
It covers industrial design, electronics, power supply, mechanical structure, process, software, measurement and control, electrochemistry and so on. Large engineer team has over 60 engineers who include including 3 senior engineers and 4 middle level engineers.

Research laboratories
1. Guangdong PV Storage and Energy Internet Technology Research Center
2. South China University of Technology New Energy Associated Lab
3. South China University of Technology Postgraduate Research and Innovation Lab