Researches & Developments

We have a full set of advanced testing equipment to ensure quality of our battery products.

Researches & Developments

  • image of chemical lab

    Chemical Lab
    Mainly test whether battery materials contain environmental hazardous elements and their content, including Pb, Cd, Hg and so on. It has atomic absorption spectrophotometer (including flame atomic generator and flow hydride generator), electronic analysis scale, electric-heating distilling apparatus, etc.   Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer W...

  • electric performance lab

    Electric Performance Lab
    Main targeted for charge & discharge performance, overcharge & over discharge test, capacity sorting test and smart battery test, which applicable to lithium-ion battery, Ni-MH battery, lead-acid battery, carbon battery, alkaline battery, lithium button cell battery, etc. Testing equipment includes Blue-Key lithium battery capacity sorti...

  • image of safety lab

    Safety Lab
    Mainly test battery’s safety performance when suffering from external damage. Test Items consist of electrical tests (including short circuit under room and high temperature, overcharge and forced discharge tests) and mechanical tests (including crush, nail, shock, heavy impact, vibration, drop, etc); testing facilities: high-temperature s...

  • image of environment lab

    Environment Lab
    Primarily test cell’s or battery’s environmental adaptability performance, covering constant damp and heat, salt spray, high and low temperature and battery low-voltage analog tests. Equipped with Pro Temp & Humi Test Machine, high & Low Temperature Machine, Precise Salt Spray Test Machine, Low-voltage Analog Test Machine, Th...