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Save Ni-MH Battery power When Using Digital Camera

For a camera powered by Ni-MH battery or lithium ion battery, it is very important for you to learn to save the battery power.

a. Avoid frequently using flashlight if you are not a professional photo person. Unless it’s in dark night, daylight is strong enough for common digital camera.

b. Try to avoid unnecessary zoom operation; it consumes a lot power. You can move yourself instead of using camera lens.

c. Don’t keep display on if electricity volume is not enough. You can turn off LCD screen, and use viewfinder to adjust view structure. For a digital camera, LCD is the less power consumption component. The run time will be three times if you turn off LCD screen.

d. Less continuous shooting and video. These functions are accomplished by camera’s internal cache to preserve pictures temporarily. That consumes a lot power.

e. Avoid powering on/off frequently. Many people know that keep display screen on will consume power, in order to salve power, frequently turn on and off camera. For some digital camera, it consumes much more, and most of them have auto cut-off function, do not set up too short, or easier to on or off frequently, even manual should be avoid.