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Three Ways to Restore Lithium Battery

Following are three regular ways to restore lithium battery:

a. clean lithium ion battery and mobile metal contact with a rubber cleaner or other material cleaner, which is beneficial for duration of charge and discharge.

b. firmly wrap old lithium ion batteries with plastic film, keep as close as possible, three plies inside and outside to make sure that battery is in a status of vacuum. Then pack with three-ply paper, complete sealed the lithium ion battery, put it into a refrigerator, pick up it after 48 hours storage. Unwrap the package, and check whether lithium ion battery swells, if okay, put it at room temperature then recharge.

c. Let lithium ion battery discharge fully, then recharge and activate battery. Detailed method is, deep discharge lithium batteries, exhaust battery internal energy, to reach deeper discharge then recharge. This requires some irregular method: connect battery to low voltage lamp with a special device, battery internal electricity volume will transmit to lamp, until discharge completely.Mobile requires low voltage to consume energy, in normal situation, it will auto cut-off when voltage is below 3.6V. After deep discharge, recharged battery can use longer time.