Battery Solutions
25.6V 4500mAh Lithium ion Battery

25.6V 4500mAh Lithium ion Battery Pack for Photovoltaic (pv) Cleaning Robot

Photovoltaic (pv) cleaning robot With the rapid development of photovoltaic power industry, large quantity of photovo... more...

AGV lithium ion battery

25.6V 38.4Ah Lithium ion Battery Solution for AGV Car

AGV is a kind of vehicle which has electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance device, can travel along the specifi... more...

Intelligent Sweeping Machine battery

14.8V 2200mAh Lithium Battery Pack Solution for Intelligent Sweeping Machine

Intelligent sweeping machine battery (Keywords: sweeping machine battery, intelligent sweeping machine) with the deve... more...

Low Temperature Lipolymer Battery

3.7V 4300mAh Low Temperature Lipolymer Battery Solution for Rev Explosive Device

Low Temperature Lipolymer Battery Solution Rev explosive device ( In the past safety accidents happen frequently beca... more...

Explosion-proof Battery Pack

3.6V 2000mAh Explosion-proof Battery Pack Solution for Handheld POS terminal

Explosion-proof Battery Pack Solution POS is a kind of multi-function terminal, which can realize the electronic tran... more...

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