Lithium-ion Battery Solution Customization

Large is a world-famous customized manufacturer of low-temperature lithium ion batteries, explosion-proof lithium ion batteries, power/energy storage batteries, 18650 lithium batteries. Adhering to the service policy of "development on demand -24H response -72H solution - lifetime maintenance", we provide customers with cost-effective integrated customized solutions for lithium ion batteries.

Lithium-ion Battery Customization

Cell Selection + Circuit Design + Structure Design + Charger
  • Cell Selection
    • Cell Materials
    • Cell Brand
    • Cell Shape
    • Cell Dimension
    • Cell Capacity
    • Cell Voltage
    • Charging and Discharging Temperature
    • Charging and Discharging Current
    • Discharge Rate
    • Internal Resistance, Cycle Life
    Charging Management
    • Over charge,over-current and short circuit protection
    • Overheat protection, low temperature protection, charge equalization,
    Charging Management
    • Over charge,over-current and short circuit protection
    • Overheat protection, low temperature protection, charge equalization,
    Communication ProtectionLithium-ion Battery Customization Process
    • Comunication protocol,communication protection
    • Powe dispaly,current detection
    • Abnormal log, life cycle dection
  • Cell Selection
    • Structural strength
    • Structural shape
    • Impact resistance
    • Structure package
    • Heat dissipation
    • Intensity of explosion-proof
    • Waterproof rate
    • Structure dimension

Lithium-ion Battery Customization Process

  • Customer Demand

  • Feasibility Study and Project Approval

  • Product Design Verification and Review

  • Process Certification and Trial-produce

  • Product Certification

  • Project Conclusion

Service Support

  • Battery Customization
    • One-on-one Customization
    • Customize 3.7V~60V lithium-ion battery Pack
    • Customize 10W~2000W Special Power Supply
    • Customize 20W-2000W Intelligent Charger
  • Manufacturing
    • Cell Annual Production Capacity:1.5G Wh
    • PACK Annual Production Capacity:20 million
    • Multi-model, multi-batch and quick response
    • Provide high quality customized PACK to fully meet the personalized and diversified needs of users.
  • Quality System
    • Large has passed ISO9001,
    • SO14001, OHSAS18000, BSCI, MFI certification.
    • Battery in line with CE, CB, UL, UN38.3, KC, FCC, PSE, REACH, ROSH and other global certification.
    • The product quality traceability system provides accurate data information for after-sales service. 100% full inspection shipment
  • Logistics Transportation
    • Depth cooperation with DHL and UPS
    • Provide a variety of air freight and shipment reports and safety certification
  • After-sales Service
    • Development on Demand -24H Response -72H Proposing Solutions - Lifelong Maintenance
    • Provide battery testing, battery installation, battery troubleshooting and other technical support.

What parameters should be provided for lithium-ion battery customization?

1.Battery shape and size
2.Battery operating voltage
3.The capacity of the battery, i.e. the operating time of the battery, including the continuous discharge time
4.Service life or cycle life
5.The working current of the battery, i.e. normal discharge current and peak current
6.The working environment of the battery, including the working state of the battery and the ambient temperature
7.The choice of protective board, ordinary protective board or intelligent board with communication
8.Input and output ports
9.Wire type and length
In addition, we will consider: material sources, battery performance, battery process, economic indicators, environmental issues and other factors during battery design.

Lithium-ion Battery Customization Notice

1. Lithium battery customization is different from the mass production of products. It has independent research and development and design for different products, so in the customization process, you need to pay the mold cost, development cost, product proofing cost, etc.
2. Research and development time: The research and development time is directly related to the new product launch. The general research and development time for lithium-ion battery pack customization is about 15-30 days