Special Cell Manufacturing Center

Provide multi-category, multi-model, multi-batch, high quality special customization

The center has special cylinder production line, special polymer winding production line, special lamination production line, wehich is up to ten thousand grade purification, high standard temperature and humidity workshop.

Special Battery Manufacturing Center

Multi-variety, multi-batch, quick response,
Provide high quality customized PACK to meet the personalized and diversified needs of users.

Annual capacity:1.5G Wh
  • Senior Customization
    Senior Customization
    Focus on special lithium module customization for 22 years
    A total of 100 million sets of lithium modules have been successfully delivered
  • Agile Customization
    Agile Customization
    Flexible manufacturing systems
    5000+ successful customization cases
  • High Quality Customization
    High Quality Customization
    group distribution system under zero-electric condition
    Full traceability system