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Explosion-proof battery is a new type of battery product, which is made of high safety material and can effectively prevent the explosion of the battery.
The safety performance of explosion-proof battery is its distinguishing feature.
Explosion-proof lithium battery will have different explosion-proof requirements due to the actual use of the environment, such as Exia explosion-proof lithium battery mainly refers to the mine lithium battery, others are high temperature explosion-proof, explosion-proof puncture and explosion-proof collision, etc.
1.Product design reference GB3836 / Exib iiB T4
2.Passed the National Coal Safety certification, and can be used in mines and oil wells.
3.0.5C for 400 times, capacity retention rate ≥80%
4.Can be used in zone I, ZONE II explosive gas dangerous places.
5.It has built-in charge and discharge protection circuit board, which can avoid overcharge or overdischarge damage to the battery;
6.Multiple protection: short circuit protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, temperature protection.

Explosion Proof Battery Products

Explosion Proof Battery Applications

Oil and gas drilling, mine locomotive, petrochemical industry, refuge chamber, fire helmet mask and other explosion-proof places

Explosion Proof Battery Applications

Custom Lithium Batery Design

Battery Cell Selection + PCM & BMS + Structure Design + Chargers

We provide full turn-key services in product development, production of batteries, chargers, and batteries with embedded BMS control.
  • Cell Selection and Cell Quality Detection

  • Design of shape and internal structure

  • Electrical performance design:protection function, accurate power display, host communication, certification, battery set-making, charging

  • Charger design:External or built-in charger

  • Mid-term overall re-evaluation

  • First sample

  • Basic electrical performance test, and test under different environmental conditions


Explosion Proof Battery Feature

Features of Explosion-proof Lithium Battery

The safety performance of explosion-proof battery is its distinguishing feature, and it has the following characteristics:
1.Explosion-proof lithium battery is designed to meet the IIB gas group below, combustible dust and other special environment;
2.Its manufacturing complies with GB3836-2010;
3.Using scientific explosion proof structure to meet the requirements of IIB;
4.Using Japan/South Korea high quality A quality cell, which is stable and reliable;
5.It has longer cycle life, small capacity consumption and high volume utilization;
6.A protective device is installed to prevent the battery from overheating and damage;
7.Prevent polarity inversion or reverse charging by another battery in the same battery pack;
8.Special explosion-proof line: When the internal pressure reaches a certain value, the battery will automatically release vent valve. Anti-high temperature, anti-high pressure, anti-air leakage performance is beyond the standard.
9.During the design of lithium-ion battery system, it is necessary to provide two electronic protection for overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent respectively, among which the protective board is the second one. After the protective board is removed, the battery should not fail.

Explosion Proof Battery Related Problems

  • Q:What is the explosion-proof technology of lithium battery?
    A:It is made of high safety factor material, which can effectively prevent the explosion of the battery. The safety characteristic of explosion-proof lithium battery pack is its biggest characteristic. In order to ensure the safety of lithium battery, we usually design an explosion-proof valve on the battery shell, which can be destroyed in time when the pressure is too high, release the pressure inside the battery, and prevent the explosion of lithium battery pack in the case of thermal runaway.
  • Q:Explosion-proof Design of Lithium Battery
    A:The design includes battery internal control and external protection control. Internal protection means electrolyte flame retardance and separator retardance of the cell formulation; In addition to overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and short circuit protection, the external protective board will also have PTC, NTC protection switch; As well as the use of explosion-proof wire design on the battery shell, the battery is safer and safer.
  • Q:The Difference between ATEX and IECEX Explosion-proof Product Certification
    A:ATEX is a mandatory certification in the European Union. All explosion-proof equipment in the European Union market must be certified by ATWX Explosion-proof Directive 94/9/EC before it can be sold. IECEx is a voluntary certification, and is not currently recognized by the European Union and North America market. If the product enters the European Union and North America market,it needs to re-apply for the required certification.
  • Q:Are you factory or trading company?
    A:We are 20 years manufacturer of custom lithium battery pack in china.
  • Q:How long does lithium-ion battery sample make?
    A:Conventional battery sample delivery cycle is 15-20 days; Custom battery sample delivery cycle is 25-45 days;
  • Q:What is the minimum order for each order?
    A:Polymer battery ≤1500mAh, MOQ is 5000PCS Polymer battery > 1500mAh, MOQ 3000PCS Cylindric lithium battery MOQ ≥500 sets
  • Q:What trading terms do you usually use?
  • Q:How do you deliver the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
    A:For small quantity, it is usually shipped by DHL, EMS, UPS or FedEx. It tends to take 4~7 days to arrive. For large quantity shipments, air or sea transport is optional, and the time of shipment will depend on the port of destination.