Instrument Battery Solutions

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Industrial lithium battery usually refers to the lithium battery used in industrial instruments. Industrial rechargeable batteries have undergone three stages of development: lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries are being phased out due to their poor performance and heavy weight. Lithium battery has the advantages of high voltage, large capacity, long life, environmental protection, stable and reliable performance.
We provide high reliability customized lithium batteries for industrial equipment and instrumentation with reasonable volume, water resistance, seismic resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant and other special requirements. These customizations include built-in battery packs for small equipment and external battery packs for large equipment.

Instrument Lithium Ion Battery Case

Instrument Battery Applications

Industrial control computer, robot, flaw detector, laser detector, atmospheric sampler, water quality detector, laser orientation instrument, transport card reader, surveying and mapping instrument, fiber optic dissolving machine, frequency conversion meter, numerical control machine tool, emergency rescue system, RFID handheld terminal, security equipment, etc.

Instrument Applications

Custom Battery Design

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  • Customizae on Demand
    Customizae on Demand
    • Customize 3.7V~60V lithium-ion battery
    • Customize 10W~2000W special power supply
    • Customize 20W-2000W smart charger
  • Production and manufacturing
    Production and manufacturing
    • Cell annual capacity: 1.5G WH
    • PACK annual capacity: 20 million units
    • Multi-model, multi-batch, customized PACK
  • Technical Team
    Technical Team
    • 6 professors and experts,
    • 60+ engineers
    • Include electronics, structure, process, industrial
      design, quality,Test, certification and other
  • Safety & Reliability
    Safety & Reliability
    • Meet CE, CB, UL, UN38.3, MSDS etc.
    • The product quality traceability system provides
    • accurate data information for after-sales service.

Instrument Battery Feature

Characteristics of Lithium Battery for Industrial Instruments

Lithium batteries for industrial instruments require very unique battery designs. LARGE lithium batteries with a wide temperature range are suitable for these applications. Our batteries have the following advantages:
1.High operating voltage (3.6V)
2.High energy density
3.Wide operating temperature range (-55℃ ~ + 85℃)
4.It can withstand extreme shock and vibration.
5.It ensures high reliability and safety of the manufacturing process.