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18650 12V 9Ah Low Temperature Battery for Special Power Supply

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Product Detail

Product Overview

LA-L001 military grade lithium battery module, the core components is leading lithium ion cell, built-in multiple power protection solutions, safe and reliable lithium packaging process.

Main technical indicators

Combination mode: ICR18650-3S3P (low temperature battery)

Nominal voltage: 11.1V

Rated capacity: 9000mAh

Charging limit voltage: 12.6V

Discharge cutoff voltage: 7.5V

Maximum charging current: 0.5C

Maximum discharge current: 1C

Temperature range:

Charging temperature: 10℃ ~ +45℃

Discharge temperature: -40℃ ~ +60℃

Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ +35℃(≤1 year)

Cycle life: ≥400 times

Product performance

1.The battery pack has good low temperature performance. The product is safe, reliable and stable.

2.The battery pack is waterproof, dustproof, anti-drop, anti-corrosion and anti-radiation, Anti-electromagnetic interference;

3.The battery pack has multiple protection functions such as anti-overcharge, anti-overdischarge, anti-overtemperature, anti-overcurrent, anti-short circuit and so on. BMS system can be built in according to customer requirements.

4.Battery pack has small volume, light weight, low self-discharge, long cycle life, high conversion efficiency, can be deep charge and discharge, can be used for a long time and be easy to carry.

Application: It can be widely used in radio communication, unmanned aerial vehicle, manpack load, portable computers, special shipborne and other special equipment.


1. It is prohibited to immerse the battery in seawater or water. When not in use, it should be placed in a cool and dry environment.

2. Do not be exposed to the sun, rain or snow;

3. Do not use or leave the battery beside the heat source, such as fire, heater, etc.;

4. Please use the special charger for this type of battery pack when charging;

5. Do not reverse the positive and negative electrode;

6. Do not throw the battery in the fire or heater;

7. It is forbidden to use metal to directly connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, or it will have short circuit. It is forbidden to transport or store the battery with metal, such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.

8. Do not disassemble the battery pack. Disassembling the battery pack without permission may lead to danger.