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26650 25.6V 6800mAh LiFePO4 Battery for Household Medical Equipment

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Product Detail

Product number: 08DQ0058-01

Cell model: 26650-3400mAh 3.2V

Battery specification: 26650-8S2P-6800mAh-25.6V

Product dimension: 140*136*74mm

Nominal voltage: 25.6V

Nominal capacity: 6800mAh

Finished internal resistance: ≤150mΩ

Charging voltage: 29.2V

Charging current: ≤5A

Discharge current: ≤8A

Discharge cut-off voltage: 18.4V

Battery weight: 2000g

Charging temperature: 0 ~ 45℃

Discharge temperature: -20 ~ 60℃

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 35℃

Battery case: ABS+PC case

Lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, over temperature protection, over current protection,ESD protection and so on

Application: Home medical equipment, portable medical equipment

Product Features

1.ABS+PC housing increases battery reliability and firmness;

2.The battery pack is assembled by special cell bracket, protected by epoxy plate and connected by special nickel sheet, which has good vibration and impact resistance.

3.Connector plug output terminal: XT plug output mode increases the electrical reliability of the plug.

4.Battery protection management: Use special lithium battery protection chip, with good stability, high precision monitoring, accurate control, temperature protection and other functions, so as to maximize the elimination of safety hazards;

5.The battery pack has good safety, nice discharge performance,and long cycle life;

6.The battery pack has long cycle life, in line with the value of low carbon, energy saving, and environmental protection;