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18650 32.4V 3350mAh Medical Device Lithium-ion Battery

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Product Detail

Product number: 40AQ026-01

Battery model: 18650-3350mAh-3.6V

Battery specification: 18650-9S1P-3350mAh-32.4V

Nominal voltage: 32.4V

Nominal capacity: 3350mAh

Charging voltage: 37.8V

Charging current: ≤1500mA

Discharge current: 600mA

Maximum discharge current: 3000mA

Discharge cut-off voltage: 25.2V

Finished internal resistance: ≤300mΩ

Battery weight: 550g

Product size: 70*71*167mm (Max)

Charging temperature: 0 ~ 45℃

Discharge temperature: -20 ~ +55℃

Storage temperature: -20 ~ +35℃

Battery package: plastic

Lithium-ion battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, balance and so on

Product Features

1.Power display: The battery displays the battery power through the indicator light to intuitively check the battery condition by the communication protocol;

2.In-line connector: Be good for battery replacement and plug removing;

3.Communication interface: RS485 communication protocol can read the battery voltage, current, temperature, capacity and other information;

4.Data communication management: Use high-precision IC and software management chip with accurate data transmission, precise temperature control, to minimize security risks;

5.The battery pack is safe with a temperature probe, and if the temperature exceeds, the automatic start protection will be on;

6.The battery pack has long cycle life of , in line with the value concept of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.