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AC-DC 16.7V 4.4A Lithium-ion Battery Charger

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Product Detail

Product model: 00AQ-KS007-01C;

Product application: Suitable for 4 series ternary lithium-ion battery charging;

Input voltage: Wide voltage 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz;

Output voltage: 16.75±0.05V;

Output current: 4.4A max;

Efficiency requirements: > 85%;

Protection requirements: input fuse over current protection, output over voltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit, over temperature protection;

Product size: 150*200*240mm;

Input interface: GB 3-pin socket, supporting 1.5m GB 3-plug power cord;

Output interface: special interface *3;

Product weight: about 1300g;

Operating temperature: -20~+45℃;

Storage temperature: -40~+85℃;

Charging status: power indicator, charging status indicator (charging red/full green);

Heat dissipation: plastic shell, natural cooling heat dissipation;

Product Features:

1.The built-in microprocessor of the charger can meet the multi-stage charging mode such as pre-charging, constant current charging, constant voltage charging, stop charging, etc.

2.It has the characteristics of stable charging, high efficiency, safety and reliability, etc.

3.It is suitable for lithium-ion battery charging and maintenance.