18650 Lithium Battery Parameter

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18650 lithium battery

18650 Lithium Battery is named after its dimension. Following parameters’ comparison is made between LiCoO2 18650 Lithium Battery and LiFePo4 18650 lithium battery, due to the fact that according to different anode materials, 18650 lithium battery can be divided into four systems: LiCoO2, LiMn2O4, LiNiMnCoO2 and LiFePO4..

18650 LiCoO2 lithium battery:

Rated voltage: commonly 3.7V;

Restricted charge voltage: ordinarily 4.2V;

Min discharge cutoff voltage: 2.75V;

Diameter: 18±0.2mm;

Height: 65±2.0mm;

Capacity: above 1000mAh (currently max capacity is 2900mAh from Panasonic);

At present, Japan’s Sanyo (acquired by Panasonic), Panasonic, Samsung and Sony are the world’s largest 18650 lithium battery manufacturers.

18650 LiFePO4 Battery:

Single cell rated voltage: commonly 3.2V;

Restricted charge voltage: ordinarily 3.6V;

Min discharge cutoff voltage: usually 2V;

Diameter: 18±0.2mm;

Height: 65±2.0mm;

Capacity: commonly 1500mAh, lower than that of LiCoO2 18650 battery.

Thus it can be seen that the above two batteries have same dimension but both have advantages and disadvantages. Specifically speaking, 18650 LiFePo4 lithium battery has following advantages: 1. safer, no explosion and leakage if overcharge and over discharge; 2. long lifetime with 1000 cycle times; 3. high rate charge (2C) and discharge (10C). No fever, explosion and leakage. However, because of low single cell voltage, LiFePo4 18650 battery is mostly used on electric devices with high working current.

The aforesaid 18650 lithium battery parameter is just that of lithium battery cell. In practical applications, owing to equipped PCM and sealing materials and considering charge& discharge system, 18650 lithium battery parameters that users need know are quite complicated. For example, 18650 2200mAh lithium battery parameters include discharge current, operating temperature, internal resistance, weight, protection parameters, etc. This shows that finished 18650 lithium battery has comprehensively considered electric device parameter and operating environment parameter so that battery are able to work normally on specific products.

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