AA Alkaline Battery Characteristics

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AA Alkaline Battery

Height of AA alkaline battery is 48.0±0.5mm, and its diameter, 14.1±0.2mm. But its capacity is not certain. It all depends on discharge current. When it's discharged with small current, its capacity can reach 2000mAh, and capacity decline greatly when discharged with large current. Regularly, AA alkaline battery capacity is between 1800mAh and 2200mAh when discharged with small current.

Alkaline batteries of different sizes have different capacity. Their output voltage remains 1.5V no matter what sizes they are in.

Alkaline battery, also called alkaline dry battery, alkaline zinc manganese battery or alkaline manganese battery, is the best battery of zinc manganese type. It can discharge in much larger current than any other manganese batteries because its internal resistance is quite small, and it has a long service life. What’s more, with a mercury level of only 0.025%, it is environmental friendly. Alkaline battery is composed of Mno2 cathode, zinc anode and KOH electrolyte. Its characteristic is better than carbon battery.

Alkaline battery's electrode structure is opposite with regular primary batteries, which helps increase its capacity and get higher performance, thus its electrical property has been improved. In general, alkaline battery’s capacity and discharge time is 3-7 times of regular primary batteries of the same model.

Currently there are lots of alkaline battery brands in the market. Average price is around RMB2.5 per piece, while imported

ones are RMB6-7 per piece. Although imported batteries are much more expensive than domestic ones, their technical

parameters are the same except the pretty package. Currently imported brands are GP, Energizer, Duracell, Sony, Panasonic,etc.

LARGE alkaline battery, though much cheaper than imported batteries, has almost the same working performance and capacity with imported ones, even better performance and larger capacity than part of import batteries.

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