Capacity of 18650 Lithium Battery

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Capacity of 18650 Lithium Battery

As an important parameter of 18650 Lithium Battery, capacity is also a fundamental elements to determine battery prices. Manufacturers with different raw material and technique could design 18650 lithium batteries with diverse capacity.

18650 battery capacity is mostly concerned by industrial users and individual consumers because higher capacity means longer use time. Under the same system, higher 18650 Lithium Battery capacity causes higher battery price. Thus, it is quite important to strike a balance between capacity and price.

Currently, in domestic market, Sanyo, Panasonic and LG are the mostly common imported 18650 battery cells. Among domestic brands, Shenzhen Bak battery cell is more competitive.

18650 lithium battery capacity from the above lithium battery manufacturers ranges from 1000mAh to 3000mAh but generally falls between 1800mAh and 2600mAh because low battery capacity could affect effective battery work time and cause inapplicability. Yet higher 18650 lithium battery capacity could lead to high cost.

Under the circumstance of fixed battery size, way of improving 18650 lithium battery capacity is to add more active substances and improve specific capacity of active substances. Increase of 18650 from 600mAh in 1990s to current 3000mAh is a historical process.

Capacity is the main selling point of 18650 lithium battery. Additionally, cell brand of 18650 lithium battery is also a factor to affect battery price. As mentioned above, raw material structure also decides 18650 lithium battery capacity so prices of lithium battery with LiCoO, LiMnO, ternary material and LIFePO4 are different.

Owing to dominance of capacity to price, capacity of 18650 lithium battery in the market might be falsely marked. For instance, mark 2600mAh on the 18650 2200mAh lithium battery to deceive consumers.

Whether 18650 lithium battery capacity has reached standard not only affect user experience but also becomes a test for manufacturers. It is not necessary for consumers to be entangled with original imported battery because domestic battery manufacturers could use imported battery. What matters is authenticity of 18650 lithium battery capacity.

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